j5Tellermate provides solutions that address the cash management issues commonly faced by food retailers. Most notably these concerns include spot-check audits, timely till counts, efficient safe counts and cashier accountability. A well-known supermarket chain faced these same concerns and selected Tellermate’s technology solution to streamline its cash management processes. 

Founded as a small corner grocery store, the company now operates 100 state-of-the-art supermarkets. Most locations offer a full line of groceries and most have pharmacies, DVD rental outlets, in-store banking and florist shops. Known for its very friendly approach the supermarket chain takes great pride in offering its customers the very best in service, selection, convenience and value. After a best practice review by a leading consulting firm, the company decided to adopt Tellermate’s cash management system in order to cut operational costs. Tellermate’s solution provides them with an exceptionally accurate way of counting a large number of tills in a very short period of time. It reduces till reconciliation time to less than one minute and decreases the time needed for safe counts.

The supermarket chain also found the portability of the Tellermate unit very appealing as it increases productivity and enhances loss prevention efforts by enabling random spot-check audits in less than one minute. Outpacing the industry’s standard, the Tellermate solution saved more than 360 employee hours per store within the first year of use. The company’s Manager of Industrial Engineering commented: “We were looking for a technology that supported audits on the shop floor, and the portability and accuracy of the Tellermate system provided just what we needed. Our staff find that the new technology has also streamlined office cash handling, allowing them to focus more time on customer service.”

j6The company has implemented Tellermate’s cash management solutions at all of their locations. Each Tellermate unit is expected to lower cash processing costs through the reduction of operating costs, standardisation of auditing procedures and huge reduction in paperwork.


• Multi-till capability includes memory for up to 150 tills, up to four different count tasks for multiple admin processes and a large number of float options, each of which can be optionally named – such as customer services and pharmacy.

• Tellermate’s networked solution enables reliable direct connection to customer systems so that the huge quantity of data generated by multiple tills can be easily uploaded for analysis or reporting. The capability reduces the costs, inconvenience and time delay of heavy paper report generation at site level.

• Portability means that spot audits can be quickly undertaken, both to check that the cash in the till is correct and to remove cash where appropriate. Managers can carry the lightweight Tellermate out to the till to perform the audit, store the data in the machine and upload to the PC on return to the back office. Carry handles make portability easy and safe, and a 15-hour battery life ensures continuity of function.

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