Building on the success of its introduction into Beetroot, leading salad brand, Florette, is launching bite-size Naturally Tasty Baby Beetroot to offer health-conscious consumers greater convenience when preparing a salad or as a quick snack. Using a mess-free re-sealable pouch to ensure freshness, the Baby Beetroot is steam cooked and ready to eat, requiring no preparation.

Providing a tasty beetroot that isn’t pickled or flavoured but naturally sweet tasting, Florette is also expanding on its introduction to the prepared vegetables category, which has seen the launch of its Microwavable Naturally Tasty Green Beans earlier this summer.

The Baby Beetroot has been developed to target the rising trend among consumers who are purchasing products based on their nutritional value, as well as convenience. With no options within the current category for bite-sized natural beetroot, e.g. that is non-pickled and with no added vinegar, Florette’s latest innovation has been designed to respond to consumer needs and to plug this gap in the market, following the positive launch of its whole fresh-steamed beetroot in 2017.

Florette beetroot generated £2.6m in incremental sales for the business last year, occupying 4% of the total beetroot market share. As a growing category, the brand is aiming to increase this and capitalise on this trend.

John Armstrong, Marketing Director at Florette, commented: “With limited options in the market for pre-prepared, un-pickled beetroot, we launched our original beetroot pouches to offer a solution. A convenient way of enjoying beetroot with a new taste, we were keen to see how consumers responded following positive initial feedback. Where customers told us they preferred the natural, fresh taste of beetroot versus its pickled alternative, we quickly realised that there was a wider opportunity to provide a beetroot that was not only fresher, but a more convenient snacking option. As a result, we developed our Baby Beetroot pouches to meet this growing demand.”

As part of the Naturally Tasty Range, Florette launched its innovative Green Beans pouches earlier this summer. The Green Beans are pre-washed and trimmed prior to being packaged, requiring just three minutes in the microwave before being ready to eat, with a garlic and herb butter for added flavour.

Additionally, Florette also launched a Sweet Crispy salad mix earlier in the year to respond to consumer demand for a milder salad, combining red butterhead salad leaves, lambs lettuce, Apollo, and red multi-leaf.

Armstrong added: “2019 has already seen the successful launch of our Sweet Crispy mix and Naturally Tasty Green Beans, which have all been extremely well received by our supermarket and independent retailers. We hope that consumers will appreciate this latest product development and it meets the demand for healthy, convenient products that are fresh and great on quality.”

Florette’s Naturally Tasty Baby Beetroot is available at Morrisons stores for £1.39 (150g pouch).

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