kiwifield-1Fayrefield Foods are to offer a fresh taste of New Zealand with the launch of a rich mature cheddar, Kiwi Gold, which won a Gold medal at this year’s International Cheese Awards.

Launched in Sainsbury’s stores from 14 October, the new cheese is made by a co-operative of New Zealand farmers, who make some of the best and most consistent cheddars in New Zealand. It uses milk from free-range cows that graze outdoors all year round.

Its packaging, featuring a compelling image of free-range cows grazing lush pastures under a snowy mountain peak, evokes the pure beauty of New Zealand, and reinforces the cheese’s natural credentials.

Fayrefield Foods Marketing Director Pat Brunt says: “When the Anchor brand was withdrawn from sale last year, customers were left without the opportunity to buy New Zealand cheese in mainstream supermarkets,” he says.

“The Kiwi Gold brand fills this gap for an everyday cheese from New Zealand, offering an authentic, smooth and full flavoured cheddar with sweetness and character. It is clearly labelled as flavour 4 strength to make it easier for customers to choose.”

Kiwi Gold comes in recloseable ziplock packaging and is available in 400g packs at Sainsbury priced at £2.99.

Fayrefield Foods Ltd
Pat Brunt
Tel: 01270 655042

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