Morrisons is pledging to not sell fake farm brands as it hosts hundreds of real farmers in its stores, selling authentic British food to customers.

As the availability of British reaches its peak, many Morrisons stores have livestock farmers at the butchers, growers at the fruit & veg section and dairy farmers at the deli.

More than 70% of the food that Morrisons sells is British which is the highest share it reaches during the year, as British lamb, soft fruits, summer vegetables such as broccoli, courgettes and sweetcorn, salad ingredients, and new potatoes reach the peak of their seasonality.

Morrisons is introducing the opportunity to ‘Meet the Real Farmer’ so that customers can meet the farmers who produce their food; so that farmers can explain the benefits of homegrown food to customers and to demonstrate the authenticity of Morrisons’ British food offering.

The in-store activity took place on 10 August to mark Farm24, a day of action for farmers to explain the effort that goes into producing our food.

To give further assurance to customers that much of their fresh food is coming from real British farms, Morrisons also commits to NOT stocking fake farm own-brand products.

These brands can give an impression that food comes from a British farm, market or town when it may in fact be imported from overseas. Morrisons is making the commitment as 70 per cent of UK adults say they object to the use of fake farm brands and only want real place names or farm names to be used on packaging and branding.

Instead, real farmers will meet the Morrisons customers they are feeding, distribute information about British produce and talk to customers about their local farms, as well as the best produce from their region. With 83 per cent of the UK population living in urban areas (Source: ONS 2016), 46 per cent of Brits have never met a farmer, 32 per cent have never visited a working farm and 52 per cent say they don’t know how the food they buy is grown.

Joe Mannion head of British Livestock at Morrisons, said: “Real farmers have an important role to play in explaining to customers how important real British food is, and how customers can tell whether food is from the UK or not. Supermarket customers are sometimes presented with misleading images of farmers on their food and we believe that by meeting our real farmers, customers will see and value that we know where our food comes from.”

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