Faerch Plast – one of Europe’s leading producers of plastic containers for the food industry – has published its first annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, which gives stakeholders an inside view of the company’s CSR strategy, priorities and performance on its sustainability goals and CSR initiatives. The report is available online at www.faerchplast.com downloads.


Faerch Plast’s CSR report provides an annual review of the Group’s responsible business performance during 2013. It shows how the company is adapting its business model and pursuing a strategy that delivers sustainable performance, driven by values and adherence to the ten principles of the *UN Global Compact.

Last year, Faerch Plast defined five focus areas of social responsibility as being particularly relevant: use of recycled plastics; climate; food safety; ethics and integrity and employees. These were carefully selected according to the stakeholders’ focus areas and followed an internal analysis of various activities carried out by Faerch Plast. In its first CSR report, Faerch Plast provides progress updates against the five areas.

“When we think about the intent of our CSR initiatives, we are mindful of our stakeholders: customers, employees, local communities, regulators and stockholders,” says Lars Gade Hansen, Faerch Plast’s CEO. “Faerch Plast is a responsible company that wants to communicate about its CSR activities. As a result, the annual CSR reports will be the main vehicle we have for sharing details on these initiatives so everyone can have a stronger sense of who we are as a company.”

The 2013 report primarily focuses on objectives for the Danish plant but also sets out new five-year CSR targets for the entire Group including the UK and Czech Republic facilities, all of which are expected to be fulfilled by 2018.

Report highlights:

• The use of recycled plastic provides a CO2 reduction of 50% compared to 2009 levels in the production of plastic packaging

• Investment in four large cleaning plants used to clean recycled plastic material before processing

• Commitment to ‘cradle to cradle’ has resulted in development of innovative black plastic material which can be identified and sorted for recycling purposes

• Since 1996, Faerch Plast has reduced energy consumption by a third providing energy savings of 21million kWh a year

• In 2013, the company reached its goal of being 100% powered by renewable energy from wind and hydropower

• Ambition to have maximum power consumption of 1.70 MWh per tonne of sold finished goods in spite of growth

• 15% of oil-based raw materials for producing PP are replaced with talcum

• In 2013, Faerch Plast conducted a risk analysis that provides a systematic and thorough overview of the company’s potential bribery threats

• In 2013, the legal department provided training in competition regulations

• In 2013, safety was on the agenda with safety walks and quarterly safety activities

Since it was established in 1969, Faerch Plast has built an unrivalled reputation for high quality plastics packaging products, supplying major blue chip customers in the ready meal, fresh meat, cold foods and snacks and ambient food sectors with a wide range of containers and trays produced from PS, CPET, APET, PP, MAPET® II and AMPET®.

*The ten principles of the UN Global Compact are consistent with Faerch Plast’s values and approach to doing business. The UN Global Compact provides a solid foundation and a sound basis for formulating the company’s social responsibility agenda. Faerch Plast aims to eventually join the UN Global Compact. www.unglobalcompact.org

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