Battery giant Exide has recently launched the 12/7 Intelligent Battery Charger. It works for all types and sizes of 12V batteries, including those for cars, motorcycles, boats and caravans. The device covers more than 35 million UK vehicles, all from a single SKU.


A growing number of people in the UK own a second vehicle. There are now millions of motorcyclists, families with boats and motorhomes, and hobbyists with off-road vehicles and jet-skis. These vehicles normally need different kinds of battery chargers, making it impractical for most retailers to address this market.

The 12/7 is a one-size-fits-all solution, capable of charging all 12V batteries from a single device. This includes batteries for motorcycles and motorhomes, which have been particularly problematic for consumers.

Motorcycle batteries need regular maintenance. They should be recharged whenever the bike has been off the road for an extended period, which is very common in colder months. Most motorcyclists end up buying a special bike charger for this task, but it doesn’t work with other types of vehicles.

Motorhomes and boats use AGM/lead-acid batteries to start the engine and GEL batteries for on-board electrics – so consumers end up buying two chargers, one for each type of battery technology. The 12/7 does both types of charging with a single device, a considerable improvement on the status quo.

Most battery chargers follow the same charge curve for AGM, flooded and GEL batteries. The Exide 12/7, by contrast, uses optimised charge curves that respond to the type of battery being charged, which leads to perfect results across the board. The special “Power Supply” mode is ideal for maintenance charging and for use as a permanent power supply.

“The 12/7 charger is optimised for perfect performance, even in the harshest conditions. The breakthroughs around charge curves were critical to making that happen,” said Craig Everett, UK marketing manager, Exide Technologies. “The product was designed to be sold in a wide range of retail environments and to appeal to a broad range of consumers. The charger works on 1-150 Ah batteries, covering the vast majority of vehicles in the UK.”

The 12/7 is the first consumer charger on the market with a temperature sensor fitted directly into the negative clamp. Chargers typically only take the temperature of the room, which often gives inaccurate results – particularly in hot and cold climates.

The 12/7 has a two-year warranty. It is fitted with robust overcharge protection and anti-spark technology, protecting against faulty batteries and incorrect connections. A free EasyWay cable is included with the charger, giving you the option of a convenient plug-and-charge connection.

Exide has annual revenues of around $3 billion, and is an original-equipment supplier to car-makers like Ford, Fiat and BMW. The company is widely considered to have the most advanced technology in the industry, with R&D facilities in Spain, Germany and the United States.

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