Epicure, the top-quality, globally-sourced kitchen cupboard staple, is launching a five-strong range of innovative pestos into the food retail space.

Each inspired by a different part of the world following careful sourcing efforts to produce the best quality, premium ingredients for maximum taste, the flavours will comprise:

  • Chakkalaka, South-African – This spicy pesto is made with chilli and coriander in a tomato base. Its vibrant red colour is perfect to brighten up a South-African inspired meat dish.
  • Chermoula, North African – This variety is a zesty green pesto, made with ingredients including lemon, coriander, cumin and chilli.
  • Chimichurri, South American – Colourful and tasty, this product contains parsley, oregano and coriander for a flavoursome hit.
  • Mojo Verde, Spanish – Made with green pepper and chillies, this pesto leaves a definite zing.
  • Zhoug, Middle Eastern – The most earthy of the range, the zhoug variant includes chillies, parsley and coriander.

Available to farm shops, delis, garden centres and the convenience and grocery retail channels, the 180g pestos carry an RRP of £2.99. This range is ideal for consumers who are interested in experimenting with world flavours and can be used for cooking, marinating or stirred through mayonnaise and used as a tasty dipping sauce.

Jason Beaumont, PWbrands director, said: “We’re constantly travelling the world in search of innovation and the most flavoursome ingredients to bring authentic global products to UK consumers. We are honouring the Epicure heritage by going back to our grass roots, throwing the net worldwide and sourcing the best ingredients to bring our end users a taste of the globe.

“Often, people assume pesto is only the traditional, green, Italian kind – but that is just one variety. Pesto means ‘a herb that is crushed’ and, at Epicure, we are taking pestos to a new level with five outstanding flavours that can be used across a multitude of dishes to bring exciting flavour to the palate and vibrancy to the plate.”

This month, the brand has also announced its most significant update for decades, signaling its intention to breathe the spirit of discovery and heritage back into its product range and make sure consumers are aware of the quality captured in every tin or jar with the Epicure name elegantly emblazoned across it.

The well-loved Epicure portfolio encompasses over 100 products, from prepared fruits and vegetables to meat and fish, and its refresh has achieved a slick, clean and fresh look and feel while ensuring premium cues throughout – a nod to the brand’s use of only the finest ingredients. The new labelling design incorporates modern fonts with a contrasting palette of black, white and gold. Meanwhile, each label will feature a coloured sash to match the product within, for example green for asparagus. The illustrious appearance of the new labelling serves to highlight the heritage and longevity of the Epicure brand, as well as the usage of quality ingredients.


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