somerfieldWith the government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme now in effect, supermarkets and other large grocery stores are actively looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption, and Dimplex air curtains can help, by creating a stream of fast-moving air that stops treated air from escaping through open doorways. The scheme, formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, is mandatory for large organisations and aims to improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions by rewarding organisations for reducing energy use. Specifying air curtains, or upgrading them to more efficient units, can offer a fast and easy way to reduce the energy required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Doorways can be one of the biggest challenges to heating or cooling retail premises and air curtains offer the perfect solution, providing an invisible curtain of air to separate internal and external environments when access points are open. They are a relatively low cost yet effective way to increase the efficiency of the whole HVAC system, maintaining comfort and saving energy, reducing whole facility running cost as well as carbon emissions.

Dimplex air curtains are easy to retrofit, as the manufacturer offers both recessed and surface-mounted models. Alternatively, the units can be installed at the same time as the air conditioning or heating system, for a complete effective HVAC solution.

To further reduce energy use, Dimplex air curtains are supplied with a built-in Building Energy Management System (BEMS) interface as standard and they can also be controlled via timers, presence detectors and temperature controls, which together improve the overall performance of a heating or cooling system. For example, efficiency can often be improved by linking the operation of air curtains to other HVAC equipment either directly or via suitable BEMS links to avoid conflicting operation and improve overall system efficiency.

With many retailers now considering how to reduce carbon emissions, enhanced products and new technology will play an increasingly important role in achieving lower emissions. Dimplex has a full range of air curtains that can all have a positive impact on carbon emissions wherever fitted, from the CAB and DAB ranges installed over doors of 3m or 4m respectively, to the prestigious ARC designer models and heavy duty IAB range for large industrial premises including warehouses.


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