UK’s No.1 hot pepper sauce brand announce bold rebrand and two NPD flavours of popular hot sauce

Encona – the UK’s No.1 hot pepper sauce brand – has unveiled a bold rebrand and an expansion of their iconic globally-inspired hot sauce range.

This year, Encona is introducing two NPD hot sauce flavours, building on their iconic range. The new flavours launching this summer are the Thai-inspired Chunky Sriracha Sauce and the intensely hot West African inspired Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce – the latter famous for being one of the hottest chillies in the world.

Encona’s range of iconic hot sauces will now include 12 flavours, each inspired by global influences and ingredients from across the Caribbean, Far East, Americas, Africa, and Asia.

The new flavours are part of Encona’s rebrand, unveiling a completely new label design, encouraging consumers to be fearless in the kitchen, challenging themselves with delicious spice and new flavours reflecting the new strapline ‘Own It. Encona It.’

The rebrand has come after research showed that despite Encona’s deep product loyalty, with their products being present in most households across the country, the brand recall was low. The aim is for the brand to stand out, with bolder branding and greater clarity, in a format that will also connect better with a growing younger audience.

Encona hot sauces are the perfect way to make everyday essentials more exciting. From adding a kick to simple scrambled eggs, jazzing up a jalfrezi, or simply as the sizzling partner to a homemade sandwich.

Encona NPD Hot Sauces:

Encona Chunky Sriracha Sauce (142ml & 220ml) 

Indulge in a feast from the East with Thai-inspired Encona Chunky Sriracha Sauce. The perfect accompaniment to any dish, this combo of red chilli peppers and garlic hits your taste buds with a refreshing moderate heat. Add some excitement to your mealtimes, whether it be putting some bang in your beef ramen or making the ultimate fried rice.

Encona Scotch Bonnet Sauce Hot Pepper Sauce (220ml)

Turn up the heat with scorching Encona Scotch Bonnet Sauce. Boasting the intense heat of the West-African sun, the Scotch Bonnet is one of the hottest chillies in the world, giving any meal an almighty kick of delicious bold, frenzied flavour. Give your fajitas some bang, pimp your prawns or set your salads alight! Take it up a notch with the Scotch! 

RRP: £1.50 for 142ml bottle (Price Promo: £1), and £1.55 for 220ml bottles

Stocklists: Tesco and other local retailers

Encona currently has the #1 Hot Pepper Sauce range in the UK. The brand is a subsidiary of Grace Foods UK with roots in the Caribbean. The Encona range now includes 12 delicious hot sauce flavours available in a wider variety of heat levels with global influenced recipes.

Encona sauces are known for their versatility, as they can be used as a cooking ingredient, dipping sauce, marinade, or table sauce to turn up the flavour in your favourite foods and spice up mealtimes. Own, It. Encona It.

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