Džiugas is a continental cheese that is taking off in the UK. The International Cheese Show is one of the leading shop windows for the latest and best in the cheese trade globally. This year the show provided a key opportunity for retailers to find out more about this outstanding cheese from Lithuania.


In terms of national standing, Džiugas is the Lithuanian equivalent of Parmesan for the Italians and Gouda for the Dutch. Like Parmesan, it is a cheese that is offered at increasing maturities from 12 to 18, 24 and 36 months. Like Gouda it has a distinctive flavour and identity that is instantly recognisable on the tongue. Its texture is that of a hard cheese and as it ages, it presents a crystalline structure through its creamy base. Because of the intensity of its mature flavour, it is perfect both for the cheeseboard and also as a cooking ingredient.

Internationally recognised and award winning Džiugas is a hugely popular cheese throughout its home region of the Baltics, but recently it has also enjoyed increasing sales across Europe. Džiugas was first launched in 1924, so 2014 is its 90th year and just in time for the celebrations, it has received a prestigious three star award from the International Taste and Quality Institute. The cheese has also previously won awards at the International Cheese Show, Nantwich and this year won Silver in the Sliced Non UK Cheese category.

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