After winning a Crystal Globe at Gulfood 2015

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Džiugas cheese is gaining international acclaim and recognition for the quality of its product and the innovative approach it takes to presenting a traditional product. Having achieved one of the top awards at global food industry and beverage exhibition Gulfood 2015 in Dubai, Džiugas is now on show at IFE 2015 in London.

New Award

The latest award won by Džiugas is a Crystal Globe for best Newcomer Brand as displayed at Gulfood 2015 exhibition. Over 5000 entries were considered. In fact Dziuas was honoured both for its Džiugas ‘Delicate’, matured for 24 months and Džiugas ‘Gourmet’, matured for 36 months. Judging was undertaken by specially commissioned food industry experts from around the world. Džiugas’ success was based on brand presentation, sales achievements and the effectiveness of its marketing activities.

IFE 2015

From exhibiting at one of the largest food shows in the Gulf, Dziugas is now exhibiting at IFE, one of the largest shows in Europe.   Visitors to the stand can see the latest new products including four gourmet grated cheese mixes, each specifically created to provide the perfect finishing touch to Pizza or Pasta or Salads or Bakes.

New Product: Grated Cheese Mix Selections.

This innovative idea carefully mixes Džiugas of different maturities to achieve the ideal combination to use as a Pizza mix, Pasta mix, Salad mix or Bake mix. It also delivers the best texture and melt rate to suit each style of food, based on how it is cooked and served. Each mix takes the basic grated cheese concept and elevates it into a gourmet solution that is perfect for every day consumption.   For absolute freshness and convenience, the product is packaged in a resealable bag , which also carries delicious recipe ideas for extra inspiration.

Gourmet Bite

In addition, Džiugas will showcase its Gourmet bites which take cheese chunks to the snacking market and provides a new way of retailing this distinguished Lithuanian cheese. Consumers are used to buying cheese in different forms from shavings, grated, diced, cubed, sliced and even in strings. With the Gourmet bites, Džiugas now offers a new form of cheese – the chunk. The driving force behind this product is the Lithuanian tradition ofserving Džiugas by breaking it into chunks in order to maximise the surface area thereby increasing the opportunity to appreciate the taste.

The real strength of these Gourmet bites is that Džiugas is famously more-ish. It is the perfect snack, with savoury strength crosssed with subtle fruity overtones and a bite that includes a crystalline crunch as well as creamy smoothness. The Gourmet Bites are presented in re-sealable pockets that keep the cheese fresh and portable. The packaging also clearly illustrates the delicious chunks of Džiugas inside in order to encourage purchase.

Traditional Džiugas Products

Džiugas has a taste that combines a savoury strength with subtle fruity overtones and a texture that has a crystalline crunch inside its creamy smoothness. In Lithuania, it is the national equivalent of Gouda to the Dutch or Parmigiano Reggiano for the Italians. When mature it is traditionally eaten in chunks or pieces, to increase the surface area and intensify the taste.

Džiugas is presented in a choice of maturities of 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. As the cheese progresses in maturity itoffers a taste journey that starts with a rich creamy flavour with floral high notes, to a mature spicy savoury/sweet taste combination that speaks of nuts and salted caramel. It has won accolades from the Global Cheese Awards, the International Cheese Show and the International Taste and Quality Institute amongst others. Each level of maturity has its own distinct identity – 12 month ‘Mild’, 18 month ‘Piquant’, 24 month ‘Delicate’ and 36 months ‘Gourmet’

Džiugas is available through Carron Lodge among other distributors. For more information please contact:

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