From January 2011 Diet IRN-BRU will change its name to IRN-BRU SUGAR FREE and will be back on TV for the first time in 5 years.

Diet IRN-BRU has enjoyed an excellent year of national sales growth, at +6% Total GB, +4% Scotland and +18% in England & Wales.*

The name change to SUGAR FREE does not mean a change to the secret recipe of Diet IRN-BRU which will remain exactly the same.

The introduction of IRN-BRU SUGAR FREE will be supported by a heavyweight marketing campaign to create huge consumer awareness of both the name change and the new re-design of all IRN-BRU SUGAR FREE packaging.

The 4 week multimedia campaign which includes digital starts on 14th February in Scotland with a great new set of IRN-BRU TV adverts for SUGAR FREE together with a 2 week outdoor campaign running on 6 sheet posters and bus sides across Scotland.

Jonathan Kemp A.G.Barr Commercial Director commented: “Diet IRN-BRU has always been Sugar Free and after two years of successful campaigns reinforcing the Sugar Free benefit, we feel now is the right time to make this name change. We are seeing a growth in the low calorie soft drinks market and it is important the benefit of our product is clear to consumers.’’

The name change will build on the ongoing success of Diet IRN-BRU. Not only is it a very strong brand in Scotland where it is consumed by 1 in 5 of the Scottish population and worth over £20m** at RRSP, it is also rapidly increasing in popularity in England & Wales as evidenced by its +18% value growth in England last year.

* Nielsen Total GB, Scotland, England & Wales MAT Value Growth 27th November 2010.

** A.G.Barr Internal Data

A.G.Barr p.l.c.

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