flux-offers-insurance-for-small-delivery-vansAdrian Flux offers commercial vehicle insurance for multiple drops

Often small businesses feel they are being hit with legislation at every turn, and even something that should be relatively simple, such as vehicle insurance, can prove complex if the vehicle is being used for frequent deliveries.

Most small commercial van insurance schemes only cover three to five delivery drops per day, so it’s easy to run foul of the policy limits during busy periods. In the worst case scenario, owners find the vehicle is not covered and delivery promises can’t be honoured. No company can afford to let down customers in this way.

“Many insurance companies are cautious when it comes to offering cover on vans for busy small businesses. They seem to think that frequent stops and starts during delivery runs equate to higher risk,” says Julie Carter of Adrian Flux.

“But we’ve looked at the stats and it’s not such a straightforward link. There are many other factors at work such as driver experience, make of van, type of business, and time of day. By taking these into account we’ve been able to customise a policy especially for these vehicles.”

The multiple-drop insurance scheme developed by Adrian Flux Insurance Services provides peace of mind for small businesses that undertake regular deliveries. It offers cover irrespective of the number of drops per day. By tailoring the policy to the individual business Flux can offer multi-delivery insurance at an affordable price.

Small businesses are advised to contact Flux and discuss their requirements with an experienced underwriter. Since they are especially trained in commercial vehicle insurance, they will calculate the risk, based on the client’s specific requirements, and offer suggestions on how to reduce premiums while still retaining the maximum cover.

For more information contact the Adrian Flux quote line on (08700) 764841, email the company at quotes@adrianflux.co.uk, or see the Flux homepage on www.adrianflux.co.uk

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