Last year, Degusta Box was chosen by Sainsbury’s to support them in their mission to elevate challenger brands and bring new and innovative products to consumers. During December 2020, Degusta Box sent over 7,700 special edition Sainsbury’s themed Degusta Boxes to their subscriber base, with each box containing 12 products from the ‘Sainsbury’s Introduces’ range.

This is the first time Degusta Box has partnered exclusively with a major UK supermarket on a special edition box. The collaboration was the result of Sainsbury’s Future Brands team, and their desire to increase awareness amongst consumers of the new and innovative brands available, often exclusively, at Sainsbury’s. Degusta Box provided a creative and efficient way to introduce thousands of consumers across the UK to multiple brands and products from the ‘Sainsbury’s Introduces’ range, while in the comfort and safety of their own home. Brands that featured in the box include; Capsicana, Piper’s, Tony’s Chocolonely, and Tiny Rebel.

As well as sending the Sainsbury’s box to over 7700 households across the UK, Degusta Box conducted market research and a social media marketing campaign for Sainsbury’s and the 12 brands that featured in the box. Over 1,400 subscribers responded to Degusta Box’s online market research survey answering up to 153 questions. As part of Degusta Box’s social media marketing campaign, 59 influencers across multiple platforms published a total of 98 pieces of content featuring the products from the Sainsbury’s box. This created an online reach of over 2.35 million. Sainsbury’s also sent boxes to a number of their ‘Taste Makers’ of which 41 created and posted content on the box, creating an additional online reach of 1.5 million.

Oriol Blasco, Degusta Box CEO, said: “We are so excited to have partnered with Sainsbury’s on a special edition Degusta Box. Our subscribers love to discover new and exciting products and so we were thrilled to be able to introduce them to some of the many exciting brands that Sainsbury’s work with. In-home sampling has become increasingly important since Covid 19 restrictions have limited consumer’s product discovery in-store. We know that 95.7% of our subscribers have expressed that they now prefer to trial new products via their Degusta Box as opposed to in-store sampling¹. Our successful collaboration with Sainsbury’s has shown how powerful a collaboration with Degusta Box can be in bringing brands and consumers together.”

Lily Strain, Assistant Brand Manager, Capsicana, Said: “We were very pleased to feature our new Capsicana Tomato and Chipotle Tinga Cooking Paste in the Sainsbury’s special edition Degusta Box, alongside some incredible brands. It was a great opportunity to drive trial of our NPD with 7.5k households. The influencer social media activity was a real highlight; during the campaign 52 pieces of online content were published featuring Capsicana, creating a total online reach of more than 1.3 million. The market research debrief at the end of the campaign was useful to guide future thinking and I really enjoyed working with the team.”

There has been a substantial increase in interest for in-home sampling and subscription boxes from both consumers and brands alike, with the UK subscription box market set to be worth £1 billion by 2022². A peak in interest for food subscription boxes during Covid19 lockdowns, led to an unexpectedly high increase in Degusta Box subscribers throughout 2020. With this increased demand, Degusta Box have committed to launch a number of new ‘one-off’ edition boxes, including their extremely popular Christmas Advent Calendar (containing 24 full sized products), and their new Degusta Box Selection, which launches this July and will showcase premium and specialist food and drinks for those looking for a special foodie experience.. Later this year, Degusta Box is also launching the Degusta Box Cold, opening up the opportunity for chilled brands to take advantage of the in-home sampling and experiential marketing of Degusta Box.


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