In a timely move to emphasise the year round appeal of sausages and the contribution quality sausages make to a great meal, debbie&andrew’s announced this week its Autumn/Winter marketing campaign. Called ‘Quest for the Best’, it is fronted by TV presenter, chef and street food champion – Andy Bates. Over the six-month campaign, Andy is to explore sausages from every angle.


debbie&andrew’s spokesman, Ian Bagnall commented. “We want to reach young people as they start deciding what food suits their lifestyle and their budgets and show them why sausages are great food. Great content delivered through social media and digital channels is the most effective way to reach this audience. As an urban food champion, steeped in the buzz of street food, Andy Bates has the perfect profile to lead the campaign. The Quest for the Best encapsulates the importance of passion and quality in making a great product – which is exactly what debbie&andrew’s commitment to ‘A Real Taste of The Country” is all about, too.”

The campaign utilises digital platforms to publish new creative content and represents a £100k investment over sixth months to target a new audience for debbie&andrew’s. A series of short films will each feature Andy Bates as he considers what makes a good sausage. The strategy is to bring the audience into the sausage-making process and also show how quality sausages can be part of delicious meals the whole year through. During the course of the campaign, Andy Bates meets and celebrates with food and harvest heroes and encourages more community food events to be held, where good food is discussed and consumed.

“I want to encourage people to explore what makes something taste good,” comments Andy Bates. “I think it is important to use fresh, quality ingredients and also to understand where they come from”. “There is a real feeling that this is the right time to get everyone thinking again about what we eat and how it’s made,” continues Andy. “I hope the Quest gets people talking about what good food is and encourages them to spend more time discussing and sharing food together.  After all, good food is made great when eaten in company!”

The Quest for the Best activity is supported and funded by debbie&andrew’s. The brand has opened its doors to Andy Bates and a film production team, who will go behind the scenes to find out how sausages are made. He also explores the best way to cook sausages and which recipes work well. There will be a competition for the public to develop their own sausage that will then be made by debbie&andrew’s and sold as one of their roadshow 2016 range. Andy’s zeal for people who go the extra mile to make and share food to the benefit of the community is a key feature of the campaign as he celebrates the Harvest & Food Hero’s campaign. To complement the Quest, debbie&andrew’s micro sponsorships will provide free product and seed funds to support community food occasions from neighbourhood Harvest feasts to community events such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Advent ‘lighting up’ ceremonies.

The first film was published on August 20th and the campaign will run for 6 months, aiming to reach a target audience of one million.

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