debbie&andrew’s Perfect Pork sausage received an amazing accolade when it was recognized as the best in its category at the 2013 Quality Food Awards. It is not the only sausage variety gaining attention due to the two new debbie&andrew’s flavours on the market, Pork, Black Pudding and Apple and Pork and Spring Onion. As always, debbie&andrew’s has taken no short cuts, using only quality British meat mixed with the best ingredients to deliver a real taste of the country.

Perfect-Pork-+-LogoPerfect Pork Recognized for High Quality

debbie&andrew’s set the judges sizzling at the Quality Food Awards on 7th November 2013. One of the toughest judging panels in the awards’ history selected debbie&andrew’s Perfect Pork Sausage as the best in its category for taste, flavour, texture, aroma, ingredients list, packaging, presentation and price point.

The Perfect Pork is an authentic sausage – a simple taste of old England, made using quality cuts of pork, lightly seasoned for an intensely meaty taste. The judges said, ‘An incredibly well-executed traditional sausage…. the sausage meat is really well flavoured and seasoning is perfectly balanced”.

Ian Bagnall collected the award with Julie Goddard for debbie&andrew’s on behalf of WA Turner. He commented, “To have this determination to deliver quality recognised by this award means a huge amount to the whole team at debbie&andrew’s and WA Turner. Thanks are also due to all our retailers who have supported and recognised our determination to keep the brand bound to its rural roots.”

New Flavours

debbie&andrew’s fans appreciate meaty sausages with a regional or seasonal connection that are simply made to taste great. The new Pork, Black Pudding, and Apple sausage ticks all the boxes, using prime cuts of British pork with a hearty and unique taste that’s just right for autumn. Pork and apple have long been happy associates, but the extra element of black pudding makes this a sausage to generate sales for Christmas!

The simple but classic combination of debbie&andrew’s Pork and Spring Onion is a stand out sausage. While the meatiness of the sausage is still a market leading proposition, the pork is made even more succulent by the subtle bite of spring onion. The flavour combination is one that’s bound to bring shoppers back for more, setting it alongside debbie&andrew’s award-winning Perfect Pork sausage as a regular repeat purchase.



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