daloon-mini-snacks-packs.jpgIn order to meet the ever increasing demand for fuss-free cooking in the home, Daloon – the UK’s No.1 name in frozen ethnic snack foods and one of the largest manufacturers of frozen spring rolls in the world – is constantly reviewing and adding to its extensive snack foods range. Daloon’s snack products all have the same great benefits, they are very quick and easy to prepare, they’re very versatile, they can be used as snacks, starters, buffets or as part of a main meal and they represent excellent value for money. They’re particularly good for busy people and families as they help keep stress, mess and fuss to a minimum in the kitchen.

However, whilst convenience is a key market driver another important factor is consumer demand for different foods. UK consumers have become far more knowledgeable about ethnic food. They have become increasingly more open to trying new flavours and products as their own experiences are broadened through eating in the multitude of ethnic restaurants in the UK and on their travels abroad. The number of ethnic food restaurants in the UK is increasing, especially for instance, in terms of Thai and Mexican. There are more and more ethnic food products available through retail outlets as well, further bringing this exciting food sector to the attention of the consumer.

The Daloon success story dates back to 1976 when they first started selling in the UK. Their first production facility was built in Newark, Nottinghamshire in 1984 and continued sales growth in the UK market called for increased production and a second state of the art EEC-approved factory was built on the same site in 1990. The site was further extended in 2000 with the addition of increased production and storage facilities.

daloon-60g-spring-rolls-ret.jpgDaloon has experts who regularly go out to the Far East and source authentic raw ingredients for their products, and operate first class NPD, technical and laboratory facilities from the Newark site. Daloon works very closely with all the major retailers and are the leading supplier of branded or own brand ethnic snack products to retail multiples, independents and cash and carrys.

Daloon is always looking around the world for new and exciting snack food concepts to develop/introduce to the UK market. The market for ethnic snacks in the UK shows no signs of slowing down and offers enormous opportunities for developing profitable sales.

Looking at the retail market, those opportunities become clear. The latest *TNS market report shows that over the last two year period the Frozen Ethnic Snacks Market has grown by +42.7% by value. This compares with a growth of only +5.8% for Total Frozen Prepared Foods.

Daloon is the leading manufacturer with a 27% share.
UK spend per consumer on Frozen Ethnic Snacks has grown by 17.3% in the last 2 years (March 2006 to March 2008), showing the remarkable impact of higher value Mini Ethnic Snack pack sales, whilst the trip spend on Frozen Ethnic Snacks over the same period has increased by 14.8%. Market penetration of Frozen Ethnic Snacks has increased by 20.4% in the same 2 year period.

daloon-prawn-toast-pack-re.jpgChinese Frozen Ethnic Snacks continue to be the most popular cuisine accounting for 58% of the total frozen ethnic snacks market by value. The growth in Mini Ethnic Snacks, which is the strongest performing product group in the Frozen Ethnic Snacks market, is reflected by them occupying all positions in the top 10 selling lines. This market sector has been driven by the explosion of ‘Party Food’ ranges and many Frozen Ethnic Snacks such as mini spring rolls, mini samosas and onion bhajis have become firm all year round favourites.

Another area of major growth is Mexican Frozen Ethnic Snack Foods. Over the last 2 years between March 2006 and March 2008 this sector grew by a huge +200% in value.

* Market data is from TNS 52 weeks to 23rd March 2008.

Looking specifically at the retail product ranges available from Daloon and starting with their spring rolls, regular top performers, Daloon’s 60g Oriental Style Mixed Vegetables (suitable for vegetarians) and Cantonese Style Chicken & Oriental Vegetables Spring Rolls, can be oven-baked from frozen in just 20 minutes and make ideal plated or hand-held hot snacks, starters or accompaniments to a main meal. Available in packs of 4 x 60g, the Oriental Style Mixed Vegetables Spring Roll pack has an RSP of 89p and the Cantonese Style Chicken & Oriental Vegetables Spring Roll pack has an RSP of 99p.

Most of Daloon’s ethnic mini snacks are available as single or mixed variety packs ranging from 12 to16 pieces with RSPs of between £1.49 and £1.99. The packs feature Duck Mini Rolls, Vegetable Mini Rolls, mixed selection packs of Vegetable and Vegetable & Chicken Mini Rolls or Vegetable Mini Samosas and Onion Bhajis. Larger party packs of 32/36 pieces are also available and include a Vegetarian Selection, an Oriental Gourmet Selection and an Indian Gourmet Selection.

Offering a delicious and authentic Dim Sum taste of the Orient, Daloon’s Prawn Toasts oven-bake in minutes from frozen. Available in a 32 x 15g party pack with a RRP of £6.99, these tasty delights make the ideal party food, starter or side dish, or can simply be enjoyed as a delicious snack anytime day or night.

Daloon has just launched a totally new range of snacks called Devil Bites – innovative pastry sticks with spicy fillings.

The first two varieties launched under the Devil Bites brand are Spicy Beef Chilli Con Carne and Vegetable Salsa. Both are designed to capitalize on the recent major growth in Mexican cuisine in the UK.

daloon-chilli-beef-devil-bi.jpgAvailable now, Devil Bites come packed in ‘devilishly’ designed 10 x 20g poly bags with a special launch RSP of 99p. These innovative, tasty snacks are quick and easy to prepare as they can be oven-baked from frozen in minutes. Devil Bites are ideal for serving as starters and side dishes and brilliant for buffets and parties. The Vegetable Salsa variety is also suitable for vegetarians. For maximum temptation, for example, Devil Bites can be served with a sour cream dip and guacamole.

Joining Devil Bites as newcomers to Daloon’s frozen snack food range are two tasty dual-cook fritters, both based on popular, lightly seasoned, traditional recipes. The Bubble & Squeak Fritter, made with cabbage, onion and potato, and the Cauliflower, Broccoli & Cheese variety, couldn’t be easier to cook. Simply oven bake for 9 minutes or deep fry for 6 minutes from frozen for perfect results. And what’s more, they’re both ideal for vegetarians.

Also available now, both varieties are packed in strikingly designed 16 x 15g poly bags with a special launch RSP of 99p. As with all Daloon’s mini snacks, they also make great starters and side dishes, and are ideal as part of a main meal and brilliant for buffets and parties.

As the leading manufacturer in the UK frozen ethnic snacks market, Daloon believe they are ideally placed to introduce new and innovative products, thus creating further added value growth and sales volumes.

As consumers continue to demand more natural food products, Daloon couldn’t be in a better position as they have always stayed true to the historical and cultural origins of their ethnic flavours, using authentic herbs and spices. In fact Daloon do not use any artificial flavour enhancers in the production of their products.

The expansion of the UK frozen ethnic snack foods market in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable as more and more people discover the delights of foreign cuisine. With the huge popularity of Chinese and Indian foods in particular, now being supported by exciting flavours from such places as Mexico, Thailand, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Malaysia and North Africa, the sector continues to grow relentlessly.

daloon-fritter-retail-bags.jpgGeoff Burgess, Managing Director of Daloon, sums up: “There are plenty of recipes, dishes and product concepts waiting to be developed for introduction into the UK ethnic snack food market. There is an appetite for trying new cuisines and that by its very nature, means ethnic cuisine will continue to be very popular in this country. People love to experiment and try new things but also want to be able to do it with the minimum of fuss.

daloon-logo-120608.jpg“We are delighted to be able to offer retailers truly original and appetising new products such as Devil Bites and naturally, we have plans for further launches of exciting and authentic ethnic snack foods inspired by flavours from around the world, some very close to home.”

Daloon – a brilliantly versatile range of frozen ethnic snack foods providing quality, convenience and excellent value.
Daloon products are available through leading supermarkets, regional multiples, wholesalers and cash & carrys.

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