Gharry Eccles, Vice President UK & Oceania, Cereal Partners Worldwide (Nestlé & General Mills) commented:

“It’s pleasing to see that, for the second year running, the breakfast cereal category has been called out by PHE as one of two specific product categories that has shown the greatest progress when it comes to sugar reduction.

“At CPUK, we have been reformulating our products for over a decade, reducing the average sugar in our products by approximately 20.6% since 2010, with the latest 9% three-year baseline reduction part of our ongoing journey and commitment to improving the nutritional profiles of cereals.

“For us, a key achievement for us has been reformulating Shreddies Original, resulting in the sugar content reducing from 14.9g to 12.5g sugar/100g. Meanwhile, in 2019 we used 653 million less teaspoons (2,614 tonnes) of sugar, and 315 million more (16g) servings (5042 tonnes) of whole grains across our entire brand portfolio compared to 2003.

“On top of this we have also introduced front of pack labelling to help consumers make informed choices about the cereals they purchase, while working with PHE on its ‘Change for Life’ Heathy Eating campaigns.

“This is just the latest in our reformulation journey. We are continuing to find more opportunities to improve the nutritional profile of our cereals – which includes increasing whole grain – whilst maintaining the quality, taste and competitiveness of our products.”

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