The UK’s fastest growing salt brand Cornish Sea Salt is launching three new web-exclusive pinch pots to its portfolio.

The ‘Pimp your pantry’ range consists of three new flavours, including Herb Sea Salt (55g), Smoky Paprika Sea Salt (45g) and Sweet Chilli Sea Salt (50g).

The pinch pots will be available for RRP £2.95, exclusively on the Cornish Sea Salt website in the first instance from August.

2021 Food Trend reports from the likes of Wholefoods and Waitrose predicted the rise in pantry staples and ‘basics on fire’. Inspired by the trend, Corish Sea Salt has created a range of new simple blends to designed to make flavour accessible through the simplest ingredient – sea salt.

The new flavours are being positioned to consumers as a product you can ‘pinch it, rub it, stir it’ – a campaign to help shoppers see salt as more than just a condiment but a staple when creative flavourful meals.

The three-blend range includes:

  • Smoked Paprika

Smokey Paprika is made from peppers that are smoked and dried over oak fires. This process gives the red powder a rich, smoky flavour. Adding a depth of flavour to cooking, Smoked Paprika is an item found in most kitchens. Enhanced with Cornish Sea Salt Smoked Flakes, this blend is a one stop shop for so many dishes.

  • Italian Herbs

Giving any dish a taste of Italy with a blend of dried herbs and Cornish Sea Salt Flakes. Add to a tomato-based dish or a Greek salad for a fresh hit of flavour with no waste.

  • Sweet Chilli Blend

The Sweet Chilli Blend is fragrant and fresh with a subtle hit of heat. Created with the perfect balance of Cornish Sea Salt flakes, this blend is sure to become a cupboard staple to top the simplest of dishes.

Cornish Sea Salt Managing Director, Philip Tanswell said: “We have a loyal following of shoppers to our webshop, and feel it is important we keep offering fresh and innovative flavours to keep consumers coming back for more.

“The latest range is designed to ‘pimp your pantry’, helping shoppers to diversify how they use salt and redefining its place in our spice and condiment cupboard or drawer. Packed with flavour, the pinch post can be used to season, rub or stir into meals – perfect for meat and vegetables.”

Cornish Sea Salt is rich in over 60 minerals, including magnesium and calcium, drawn from the unique properties of Cornwall’s grade A purity seawater on the Lizard Peninsular. The salt delivers maximum flavour with naturally occurring sodium levels that are lower than table salt.

The sea salt brand recently announced its Super Seed Topper will be landing in Waitrose July 5th. The topper is the first ‘collaboration’ mix for the salt brand, teaming up with author and cook Elly Curshen the 155g pinch pots will land in stores across the UK.

Sold direct to consumer in the first instance, the topper product launch saw a new wave of customers to the Cornish Sea Salt website in February, pushing sales for the brand across the board up 243% on 2020.

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