RH Amar, the UK’s leading ambient fine food importer and distributor, unveils a new range of quality dried rice and grain meal solutions as well as an innovative mushroom grinder for ingredients brand Cooks&Co.

Cooks&Co’s new 19g Mixed Forest Mushroom Grinder and Rice and Grain Meal Solutions as well as its popular Semi-Dried and Sundried Tomato products, both available in 295g jars, will be available on Ocado from May.

The newcomers to the Cooks&Co range include popular Spanish dish Paella made with authentic saffron and premium quality rice, a Lemon & Pea Italian Risotto and a Mediterranean Risotto all made with top-grade Carnaroli rice, as well as two tasty Polenta side dishes – Countryman’s Polenta and Porcini Polenta. Carnaroli rice is considered to be the king of rice and the most highly regarded in Italy.

Anne-Marie Cannon, Brand Manager for Cooks&Co at RH Amar, explains: “The dry rice category currently offers poor choice and inspiration for health conscious foodies. Our new range uses top quality ingredients, is free from added salt, additives and preservatives and is naturally low in fat.

It’s tailor made for aspiring scratch cookers that seek healthy restaurant quality meals. As the range needs few additions – just butter, grated parmesan and optional wine – they make great store cupboard staples for last minute yet delicious meals.”

Offering preparation times of less than 15 minutes, the new rice and grain range is aimed at discerning shoppers who seek exciting, yet healthy and authentic mid-week meal solutions.

Using only high-grade, specialist rice they offer an economical and easy way to create authentic, regional rice dishes without having to invest in larger sized bags of specialist rice for only occasional usage.

This launch comes at a time when consumers are keen to experiment with different types of rice – 23% of rice users would like to cook with different types of rice, rising to 30% of under 25s.

Meanwhile, offering servings for two people, the new range addresses the growing number of smaller sized households. Single person households will account for almost one in three households by 2017.

Cooks&Co has also added an innovative Mixed Forest Mushroom Grinder to its already popular dried mushroom range. The grinder provides a highly convenient way to add an intense mushroom flavour to a range of dishes without having to soak or prepare dried mushrooms in advance.

The rice and grain products come in generous 2-3 sized serving portions and include:-

Cooks&Co Lemon & Pea Risotto made with Carnaroli rice, dehydrated lemon, herbs and vegetables.

Cooks&Co Mediterranean Risotto made with Carnaroli rice, dehydrated Mediterranean vegetables such as courgettes, peppers, black olives and herbs.

Cooks&Co Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella made with Carnaroli rice, dehydrated shrimps, clams, peppers and saffron.

Cooks&Co Countryman’s Polenta is made with precooked maize meal combined with a selection of rustic vegetables and herbs, ideal for making the perfect polenta side dish.

Cooks&Co Porcini Polenta is made with precooked maize meal combined with dried porcini mushrooms, herbs and garlic it offers the perfect polenta side dish.

New Mushroom Grinder

Cooks&Co 19g Mixed Forest Mushroom Grinder offers a simple way to add the intense and unique flavour of mixed forest mushrooms to a wide range of dishes from pasta and risottos to soups and casseroles without having to prepare and soak the mushrooms in advance. (RRP £3.49)


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