Fine food specialist Cooks&Co has secured vegan and vegetarian approval for a host of its most popular plant-based offerings. The Vegetarian Society dual stamp of approval applies to over 50 products in the Cooks&Co retail range, including its Great Taste Award-winning 460g Roasted Red Peppers, available in Tesco, Ocado and via the brand’s own online shop at

Other great-tasting treats to get both Vegetarian and Vegan approved status are some of the ambient food brand’s most popular flavoured olives, including its new Deli Pot range, which promises to score a hit with olive lovers looking for deli-quality olives on the go, or as great additions to any cocktail, dinner or plant-based antipasto plate. The range features four flavoursome varieties, including black Kalamata Olives with Wild Oregano, and green Halkidiki Olives marinated with Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary; Garlic, Parsley & Onions; or Peppers & Garlic.

Cooks&Co’s wide range of ingredients and meal accompaniments also feature in the brand’s list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly products, including Cooks&Co 300g Green Chillies and Cooks&Co 400g Hearts of Palm.

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