Small merchants set to benefit from faster payment processing enjoyed by multiples.

For the first time, small and medium-sized UK retailers are to be given an opportunity to switch to the kind of advanced chip and pin, contactless and mobile payment systems currently used by major multiple retailers – but at a fraction of the cost.

The new low-cost electronic point of sale (EPoS) payment system for independent retailers is being introduced by Consolis Payments Limited ( – part of the Consolis Systems Group, a leading provider of retail management software and services.

Consolis Payments is the first company to offer smaller retailers a direct-to-bank payment solution that links a state-of-the-art IP payment terminal to the retailer’s EPoS till system or a stand-alone counter top cash register.

By being able to switch to affordable integrated contactless and mobile payment systems for the first time, small merchants – especially those who need to handle large numbers of low-value transactions every day – will benefit from faster payment processing, shorter queues and also cost savings enjoyed by the large multiples.

Consolis is launching the new service in association with WorldPay-owned Streamline, Europe’s leading card payment processor. The service will allow participating retailers to accept all major credit cards via secure face to face payments, online payments, and telephone payments.

With many years of experience in installing point of sale equipment and retail software, Consolis plans to use its extensive knowledge to help small retailers migrate quickly and easily to integrated payments. Consolis will also provide advice on how to choose the best chip and pin terminal to meet a retailer’s specific requirements.

Tim Allen, managing director of Consolis Payments, says: “Contactless payments are growing in popularity and the big multiple stores are already equipped to take full advantage of this shift.

“It is now becoming essential for independent retailers to switch to integrated till and payment systems as well. It will enable them to enjoy the same business benefits as their bigger rivals and also serve the increasing number of their customers who want to pay via contactless cards or by tapping their mobile phone.

“New research from Juniper suggests that more than a quarter of mobile users will tap-to-pay by 2017.”

Allen adds: “Contactless enables retailers to cut transaction times, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction through fewer queues and a more efficient service.

“Our integrated payment solutions are specially designed to allow independent retailers to take full advantage of the benefits of contactless payments at the point of sale with every convenience that the major multiples offer, at a price they can afford.”

He says: “We are also offering a ‘7 Day Promise’ under which we guarantee to have every retailer’s payment terminal up and running within seven days following completion of the regulatory paperwork.”

Based in London and Greenford, Middlesex, Consolis Payments is part of the Consolis Systems Group. It is the first UK company to specialise in helping small and medium-sized retailers to integrate credit and debit card payment machines with their electronic point of sale (EPoS) systems and cash registers.

Consolis Payments Limited

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