communicupForward thinking Communicup!, the innovative cup provider, has created a new vehicle for advertisers. Brand messages can now be printed directly onto disposable cups and delivered straight into consumers’ hands cost effectively and easily.

This unique and portable advertising medium is ideal for brand owners targeting consumers using coffee shops nationwide. CommuniCup! campaigns can be highly focused, targeting specific postcode areas, or blanket delivered across the UK to gain maximum exposure. The cups are given to all coffee outlet owners free of charge for use during the specific timeframe of each campaign. This maximises brand exposure, taking marketing messages into hard to reach areas such as city office blocks, festivals and sporting events.

Communicup! has been developed to take advantage of the burgeoning coffee shop market that has become an integral part of UK consumers’ lifestyles. According to recent research by Allegra, 24% of the UK adult population – which is more than 14 million – visit coffee shops at least once per week; a figure that has grown considerably over the past few years and is still rising.

Ideal for hot or cold drinks, the Communicup! is a high quality disposable paper cup with bold, full colour state-of-the-art printing technology and hard to ignore eye level interaction. Brand owners design and approve a cup, decide on the quantity, where they need to be circulated and for how long they want their campaign to run. For added ‘wow factor’ the brand owner also has the option to take advantage of a cup that changes colour using thermocromic technology, allowing promotional or brand messages to ‘appear’ as soon as a hot drink is poured into the cup.

Once printed, the cups are distributed by leading packaging and distribution partner Tri-Star Packaging to its exclusive network of Communicup! outlets across London and the UK.

“Communicup! is creating a lot of interest amongst major brands in drinks, confectionery, banking, gaming, electronics, charities and communications companies. The Budapest Tourist Board has just run a hugely successful 100,000 cup campaign promoting their City as an interesting and affordable destination for coffee shop drinkers,” said Kevin Curran, Managing Director of Communicup!

“The concept is unique. Communicup! customers benefit from working closely with a global leader in cup manufacture and an innovative packaging and distribution business. We are the ideal business to get advertising and brand messages directly into consumers’ hands. The Communicup! is the perfect marketing tool for forward-thinking marketers and we are incredibly excited by its potential,” he concluded.


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