The Co Operative Farms, the largest farmer in the UK currently farming over 70,000 acres in England and Scotland, recently decided to improve the efficiency of their potato handling system in Tamworth Staffs by modifying existing conveyors to incorporate two 180 degree bends supplied by UPM Conveyors in their all plastic Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) construction, which meet all of the new Food Regulations and have FDA Certificated approval for food contact applications.

UPM were selected based on their detailed presentation and 35 years of experience in UK manufacture, proving their solution offered a reduction in labour and improved efficiency with a 30% increase in throughput plus total elimination of product damage, so offering a pay back time of only 6 months for the project.

Simon Wood, Engineering Manager of Co Operative Farms, commented: “UPM Conveyors clearly take pride in their workmanship in producing such excellent quality products, which shows they care about their customers’ needs, and that reflects on the reaction from their customers operators who feel appreciated, so we will definitely use UPM again in the future and will recommend them to our other divisions.” UPM enhanced the design of the UHMWPE belt conveyors by incorporating a channel top and bottom in the conveyor side wall so the belt locates and is guided eliminating the need to track or tension the belt so UPM offer zero maintenance. The blue UHMWPE is available in a choice of colours, so Co Operative Farms selected blue sides and white belt being in harmony with their house colour, so proving aesthetically pleasing.

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