With recent figures suggesting that 54% of EMEA’s retailers plan to invest in cloud-based IT capabilities during 2012, Epson has developed a retail printing solution capable of working with and enhancing cloud-based systems, reducing costs and streamlining customer interactions. By introducing the ability for these printers to communicate via the cloud, Epson is able to help retailers reduce upfront investment costs, due to the fact that no PCs, servers or drivers are needed.

The new intelligent printers, the Epson TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i, have been developed using Epson’s new ePOS print technology. This enables users to print out receipts, tickets and coupons at the point of sale, as well as in back office and kitchen environments, directly from tablets and other mobile devices. In addition, the ePOS print technology means the new printers can control cash drawers and other Epson TM printers, improving systems interfaces and streamlining communications between peripherals, such as front-of-house machines and kitchen printers.

Both printers are ideally suited to retail stores and hospitality environments, such as restaurants and bars, in which tablet devices are used for taking orders, processing sales and cutting down on queuing times at the till point. These solutions help improve the customer experience and order accuracy as well as allow businesses to move point of sale IT to an open architecture system, simplifying IT management.

Ray Cranston, Business Development Manager for Business Systems at Epson UK, says: “This new intelligent system offers many cost saving and IT streamlining advantages to retail businesses. We recognise the growing demand from the industry to have printing solutions that work with their cloud-based IT infrastructure, and our new printers not only do this, but enhance the benefits these systems bring.”

In addition, Epson’s latest generation of POS printers, which includes the TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-I, are able to reduce power consumption by up to 85%* compared to similar products. Similarly, new technologies within Epson’s products reduce paper consumption when printing receipts by scaling down receipt length by up to 30%, without influencing readability or the paper width. Based on this technology, average cost savings equate to an estimated 247 Euros per printer over five years, and over 144kg of saved paper. Translated to a fleet of 1,000 printers, these reductions deliver cost saving of up to 247,000 Euros.**

The TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i will be available from 1st April 2012.

* Based on single station and hybrid printers in standby power this value is calculated under Epson’s test conditions. Hybrid printers: TM-H6000IV (up to 85% more efficient vs competitive models), Single station printers: TM-T88V (up to 84% more efficient vs competitive models), TM-T20 (up to 79% more efficient vs competitive models), Power consumption is calculated based on 300 receipts per day (and 30 checks per day for hybrid), with printer power on for 24 hours and in 5 years of use.

** Paper reduction is calculated based on 300 receipts per day with a length of 200mm each, 365 days of operation, 80m x 80mm paper rolls at 0,6  Euro per roll and 55g/m2.

Shared features for both printers:

• Print receipts directly from tablet PCs and other mobile devices that are running popular web browsers

• No drivers required

• Compatible with XML commands from web applications

• Communicates directly with browsers supporting HTML 5

• Switch between applications without changing printer settings

• Recognises all major ESC/POS functions sent as XML commands

• Can control cash drawers and additional Epson TM printers

• Easy and cost-effective to implement and maintain

Additional features of the TM-T88V-i:

• Paper save feature

• Greyscale printing at speeds of up to 300mm/sec

Additional features of the TM-T70-i:

• Designed for mounting under counters with controls and paper loading at the front

• Prints at speeds of up to 170mm/sec

Epson   Customer information number: 0800 220546

Webpage: http://www.epson.co.uk/Retail-Solutions/Solutions-and-Markets/Retail

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