Intrepid Fox, the ‘wine to go’ from Wine Innovations, is fast becoming a customer favourite at convenience retail outlets across the UK. Thanks to the product’s unique design, customers are now able to drink quality wine ‘on-the-go’, from a ‘glass’ that closely resembles a traditional wine glass, while avoiding the safety implications of carrying real glass.


The Intrepid Fox wine glasses are made from shatterproof PET, and come filled with a 187ml serving of quality Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, or Rosé. Each serving comes sealed with a foil lid, ensuring that product remains fresh for up to 12 months.

Sales of Intrepid Fox have steadily increased since it was re-launched in 2014 after coming under new ownership. The ‘wine to go’ is performing particularly well in the convenience retail and catering sectors, reflecting the growing consumer appetite for ‘grab and go’ products. The convenience retail market is the perfect environment for a product, such as Intrepid Fox, that combines rapid service, safety, and heightened customer experience.

More specifically, Intrepid Fox has found a natural customer base in commuters looking for a quality drink to relax with on the journey home. Convenience outlets and vendors in and around train stations, bus terminals, and even on board ferries are taking advantage of the demand for ‘wine to go’.

One transport service provider, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, has been selling Intrepid Fox on its ferry services since March 2015. The Steam Packet Company’s Food and Beverage Manager, Iain Pearson, commented: “Intrepid Fox plastic wine glasses look much more appealing to our customers than wine served in a plastic tumbler, while still avoiding the risk of breakages.”

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