Reel Cinemas have seen incredible growth in the sales of Intrepid Fox, the single-serve ‘wine in a glass’, in its cinemas across the country. Some branches of the franchise have reported increases of over 131% year-on-year, while sales of the wine as part of a promotional package have soared, in some cases by over 5000%.


Intrepid Fox has been an increasingly big seller for Reel Cinemas since the national cinema chain debuted the product in 2014.

Sales across all Reel Cinemas are up 52% in 2015 compared with 2014’s figures, and there is no sign of the rise abating.

The main driver of this growth in sales is customer satisfaction; the design of Intrepid Fox offers customers a more sophisticated experience than drinking wine out of a flimsy plastic or disposable paper cup, as they would otherwise have to do in the glass-free environment of a cinema theatre.

A further help to the growth in sales is the inclusion of the product in a promotional package, where customers receive a complimentary free snack when buying multiple units of the ‘wine in a glass’, all year round. Reel cinemas have trialed such offers with Intrepid Fox across the country, with fantastic results each time. Reel franchises reported an average increase in sales via these activities of 446% in 2015, compared with the previous year. As customers become more familiar with and confident in the brand, they are increasingly likely to snap up Intrepid Fox when enticing offers arise.

Muhammad Faisal, Operations manager at Reel Cinemas, commented on the steep rise in Intrepid Fox sales: “Our customers really like this product; no question about it. They appreciate the goodlooking design, and the quality of the wine itself is very good. This is reflected in the sales we’re seeing at our branches across the country.”

Intrepid Fox is designed to closely resemble a traditional wine glass in look and feel, while being completely shatterproof. The easy-peel foil lid gives each unit a shelf-life of up to a year, and the all-in-one nature of the product assists with storage costs and portion control.

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