Leading adhesives brand Araldite® is supporting a Milton Keynes-based company which offers work and volunteering placements to local people and helps to recycle wood-basedproducts.

IMG_0116 The company is Woodchuck, a Community Interest organisation where the assets and benefits of the business are retained by the communities of Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. It also provides an environmentally friendly service by recycling wood into chipboard, MDF and animal bedding or re-using it in DIY and construction.

Anyone interested in working with wood or who has a transferable range of skills such as a natural creative flair, technical or administration skills will be considered for work or volunteering.

Volunteers come from a range of different backgrounds; some are retired and are looking for a new challenge or just have time on their hands they want to put to good use. However, Woodchuck offer volunteer placements to those who may need some extra support in getting back into work, such as ex-offenders or those recoveringfrom illness and or mental health issues. In return for the hard work and dedication volunteers give, the company provides a safe, supportive and positive working environment, as well as an enjoyable one.

Now Araldite is providing a range of its adhesives for the company to use and experiment with in all kinds of application, in particular Woodchuck is using Araldite® Instant Fix and Araldite® Outdoor Fix fast setting one-part adhesives which can be used on wood-to-wood tasks or on wood-to-brick, concrete, stone, ceramics, glass, PVC and polystyrene.

Woodchuck is also happy to help local enthusiasts with projects using its materials, such as this modern take on the traditional Christmas tree.

Base section bonded with Araldite Crystal Fix

The base sections were bonded together to provide a stable and solid platform for the ‘trunk’ and ‘branches’, using Araldite® Crystal Fix. This is a one-part adhesive based on the same formulation as Araldite® Indoor Fix which sets in just 20 seconds under light pressure, and becomes transparent after 8 – 10 hours. All timber was supplied by Woodchuck.

So the Christmas spirit has been spread in more ways than one by Woodchuck and Araldite adhesives are delighted to have made a contribution.

Araldite’s range of adhesives is marketed and sold in the UK by Velcro Limited.


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