Džiugas the award-winning Lithuanian cheese is the perfect product to fit with 2014 Christmas trends. Sales predictions this year highlight the importance of products that combine being posh nosh and comfort food. This is based on feedback from top retailers regarding rising sales of premium cheese, artisan bread, fine wines and champagne .


As the new cheese on the continental block, Džiugas certainly fits the bill as a premium offer. It is experiencing high demand from connoisseurs who want to add something new and different to their cheeseboard. Džiugas is sold at 12, 18, 24 and 36 months, so even a young Džiugas has a mature quality that makes it stand out from the crowd. At 24 and 36 months Džiugas is particularly well placed to exploit the desire for posh nosh that offers a comfort factor. It is the equivalent (in cheese terms) of a fine dessert wine and is traditionally served with soft fruits and nuts – perfect for a Christmas cheeseboard.

But Džiugas also fits within another consumer trend. Consumers dislike having leftover fridge fillers that don’t have a purpose or don’t keep their quality after they are opened. This has driven the development of sealable packaging in the cheese sector. But Džiugas keeps its quality even after it is opened and stores well in the fridge. It also has minimal rind, so the whole cheese can be eaten or used. It doubles as a great cooking ingredient too especially when used as shavings on a salad, to enrich a sauce or as the perfect alternative to Parmigiano- Reggiano, grated onto pasta.

Džiugas is available through Carron Lodge amongst other distributors.

Email: a.staponkus@zpienas.lt

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