In 2016, year on year sales of hard Continental cheese in the UK increased 4% in sales value and 10% by volume (Kanter Worldpanel 52 weeks ending 31 Jan 16). Retailers can take advantage of this emerging trend for Continental cheese at the same time as satisfying the rising interest in mature cheese by stocking Džiugas the mature hard cheese from Lithuania.


Džiugas offers cheese fans an fascinating comparison with a fine Parmesan and Old Dutch Edam. Lovers of the crunch and spicy bite of a mature cheese will appreciate Džiugas Delicate (24 months) and Džiugas Gourmet (36 months). On the other hand, those looking for a subtler introduction to maturity will enjoy the distinct flavour of the Džiugas Mild (12 months) or Džiugas Piquant (18 months) which has all the savoury interest of a mature cheese but with a gentler quality in the mouth and on the nose.

Džiugas has a recognisably artisan style to its branding, bringing a sense of arts and crafts to the deli counter or cheese fixture. It has a strong story to draw in consumers, based on the giant Džiugas who first made the cheese to celebrate his marriage. The recipe was passed on to the local villagers who believe it provides joy and strength to all who eat it. It is this great combination of narrative, flavour and pleasing design that is perfect for attracting more sales to the cheese counter. For more information regarding Džiugas in the UK please contact More details can be found at and on Facebook


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