sf_chicken_burgerBritain is the country most attached to fast food, with 45% saying they would be unable to give it up, according to a BBC survey, and the recession has only increased our taste for takeaways, ‘eating in’ becoming the new ‘eating out’. Government statistics also indicate that 92% of UK households now own microwave ovens, putting them above satellite receivers, CD players, mobiles and even landline telephones in popularity.

Glendale Foods has put those two consumer market trends together and come up with a range of microwaveable Takeaway Favourites, under its best-selling Yankee brand. Tapping into the nation’s seemingly insatiable appetite for fast food, Glendale has added a side portion of chips to its popular hot snacks for the first time ever, to create Doner Kebab & Chips, Flame Grilled Cheese Burger & Chips, Southern Fried Chicken Burger & Chips and Chicken & Chips.

All recipes have been designed specifically for microwave cooking, to give crisp, yet creamy French fries, succulent, juicy meat and soft-texture pitta bread and burger buns, with all products reheated from frozen in 7-10 minutes. All have an RRP of £1.29 for a generous single serving and are available with price-marked packs for independent stockists.

Manchester-based convenience and snack foods processor, Glendale was one of the early pioneers of frozen microwaveable fast foods, introducing its Hot 1’s hand-held products in the late 80’s, when microwave ownership scarcely topped 50% of homes, and it has continually refined its recipes, reheating technology and packaging ever since. Acquiring the Yankee name from Campbell’s ten years ago, it has grown the brand into a major market player and developed the range with filled baguettes, breakfast snacks, sub rolls and 2- portion servings. Widely stocked by multiple retailers, the Yankee brand is particularly prized by independent stockists, who can merchandise an attractive selection of quality fast foods in the freezer cabinet, taking advantage of regular and impulse purchases.

The new Yankee Takeaway Favourites range reflects the latest brand styling, which features a swirly stars & stripes logo and stand-out packaging. Glendale is the acknowledged master of frozen microwaveable kebabs and the red 340g pack features a plump Doner Kebab, chips and a sachet of hot chilli sauce. Liveried in purple is perennially-popular fast food meal Flame Grilled Cheese Burger & Chips (278g), with a flame-marked beef patty, sesame seed bun, tomato relish and side order of fries.

Yankee Southern Fried Chicken Burger & Chips (260g) combines succulent chicken breast in an authentic breaded coating, a soft sesame bun and crisp, golden fries. Another first for Glendale is a large portion of flavoursome roast chicken in the 380g pack of Yankee Chicken & Chips, which replicates a British retro takeaway classic.

The Yankee Takeaway Favourites range is now available from frozen food wholesalers, cash & carry outlets or, for volume orders, direct from Glendale Foods Tel: 0161 743 4100 Email info@glendalefoods.com

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