Chia bia attended the Natural & Organic Products Europe show at the start of April to launch their newly designed packaging. With the recent EU approval to use chia seeds in more applications, new guidelines were recommended for the packaging on chia seeds. Chia bia are the first to embrace these new guidelines and have changed their packaging accordingly to reflect the changes to the guidelines.


Chia bia continue to provide a convenient way to boost the nutritional value of people’s diets by offering a range of products all containing the highly nutritious chia seed. As chia is high in omega 3, fibre, protein and antioxidants, the seeds can help people achieve a balanced diet and improve health. With benefits such as reduced cholesterol, increased energy, improved memory and healthy digestion, it is no wonder that chia is fast becoming the seed of choice for people looking for healthy but convenient ways to improve their nutrition and health.

All chia seeds distributed under the Chia bia brand have been sourced and approved by Dr. Wayne Coates who is known the world over for developing the techniques needed to grow the seeds at a commercial scale. He is attributed with bringing chia to the masses as his last 20 years study has been dedicated to bringing the chia seed back to a commercial scale so that more people could benefit from the nutritious seed. Chia bia work with Dr. Wayne Coates to ensure that all the seeds they offer are of the highest quality having been allowed to mature adequately so that they are naturally high in the delicate omega 3 oils that are essential for good health.

The full range of products offered by Chia bia include Whole Chia Seeds, Milled Chia Seeds, Chia & Blueberry Mix, Chia & Cranberry Mix, all of which can be used ina  variety of ways such as on salads, over cereals, in shakes or yogurts. The 2 flavours of Organic Nutrient Bars give people a delicious, convenient snack. By offering consumers a choice like this, Chia bia aim to deliver the health benefits associated with chia to more and more people by catering for different tastes. All products are available in independent health food stores and Holland & Barrett.

Chia bia

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