DENSO’s history is characterised by pioneering achievements such as the invention of the QR Code® and Frame QR Code®. This year, DENSO WAVE’s European subsidiary celebrates its 30 years anniversary.

AT30[13]Currently, the new AT30Q was launched. Two more scanners will be introduced to the market soon – the BHT-1200-RFID and the QK30- IC. These scanners are compatible with RFID and NFC.

Even though RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has been around since the 1960s, it has become more and more popular just recently. The reason: RFID tags are not as expensive anymore so more companies consider working with RFID devices. In contrast to the common barcode, RFID can save a lot of time as the codes do not have to be read individually but can save more information with one scan – ideal for use in storage and for inventories. DENSO’s BHT-1200- RFID scans 1D / 2D codes and RFID tags with an overwhelming scanning performance. Furthermore, the BHT-1200 series is popular for its robustness, simple operation and long operating time. Additionally to the BHT-1200-RFID, the QK30-IC will also be launched soon. It uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which is based on RFID but works perfectly for shorter distances. The QK30-IC can scan printed and mobile QR Codes, which makes it a great device at the POS for point cards or vouchers.

The successful launch of the AT30Q is based on its outstanding operability, overwhelming scanning performance coupled with various scanning functions, its robustness and durability. It won the iF Design Award in the category “Product”, convincing the judges with its aesthetics, practicability, usability and ergonomic design. The AT30Q combines three major benefits – help sales expand in a store-front use, support an easy touch scan mode and also help provide a more stable and fast scanning. With its powerful reading algorithm, the scanner has improved the operation time enormously and multi-row barcodes with up to three rows can be read with one-time scan.

Scanning from a long distance and touch scan are both possible. The 360 degree omni-directional scanning capability offers stress free scanning without worrying about a barcode’s position. All data can be protected against fraud with the use of a special Secure QR Code (SQRC®) by DENSO.

The DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit is looking forward to the next 30 years and provides further information about their milestones and products on their website:

http://www.denso-autoideu. com/en/.

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