Casio Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced that it plans to release the DT-X8 series of industrial handheld terminals from the end of February 2011. Both models in the DT-X8 series have been designed for increased toughness and durability. They can withstand a 3.0 metre drop and are resistant to dust and rain, making them perfect for a host of applications in many different sectors – from demanding in-store environments, to the logistics and transportation industry, including work in high places in warehouses and outdoors.

The DT-X8 models are equipped with elastomer protection around the outer case, including the edges surrounding the LCD and the battery cover that are vulnerable to shock if dropped. With this shock-resistant design, the terminal is tough enough to withstand a drop up to 3.0 metres. The screen of the DT-X8 models has a plastic touch panel over the LCD, improving the device’s durability. The DT-X8 is compliant with IP67 dust/splash-proof standards and can be operated in temperatures as low as -20ºC. Accordingly, the DT-X8 can operate with confidence in harsh conditions including dusty areas, all weather situations and low-temperature warehouses.

Developed using ISO 13407 human-centred design processes, the DT-X8 models are easy to hold and operate. The shape and feel of the keys are improved to facilitate error-free data entry – even when wearing gloves, and key backlights are added to enable use in darker environments or at night. Scanning operation is easy with three scanner trigger keys, one in the centre and another on each side of the terminal.

With a Blanview® LCD, the DT-X8 models feature a clear colour display that is highly visible both indoors and outdoors and boasts low power consumption. The product includes an array of features for application in all industry sectors including IEEE 802.11b/g standard wireless LAN compatible with WPA2 security standards and Bluetooth® Version 2.0 (Class 2). In terms of scanning, the DT-X8-10E can scan 1D symbologies, while the DT-X8-20E can scan both 1D and 2D symbologies, providing users with options that meet their specific requirements.

Main Features of the DT-X8

• Excellent durability: IP67 dust/splash-proof, with stands 3.0-metre drops and operates at sub freezing temperatures down to -20ºC

• Designed in accordance with ISO 13407 human-centred design processes to realise easy operation

• 5.9-cm (2.7-inch) Blanview® LCD realises both high visibility indoors and outdoors as well as low power consumption

• Equipped with IEEE 802.11b/g standard wireless LAN compatible with WPA2 security standards

• Equipped with Bluetooth® Version 2.0 (Class 2) to enable connection to mobile printers and mobile phones

• Loaded with a file system for protecting the data from being lost when the battery runs out

• Fitted with a slot for microSD and microSDHC cards to enable larger storage capacity

For more information about the DT-X8 or any other models in the Casio mobile computing range, please contact or call 020 8450 9131.

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