Carrier has achieved a new milestone in the deployment of sustainable technologies with the 500th installation of its CO2OLtec® refrigeration system in the new famila market in Friesoythe, Germany. The environmentally sound CO2OLtec system helps improve the store’s energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint by using the natural refrigerant CO2. Carrier’s 500 CO2OLtec installations across Europe reduce CO2 equivalent emissions by 137,100 tons, equal to taking 37,200 cars off the road.

The famila market in Friesoythe belongs to the Bünting group of companies headquartered in Leer, Ostfriesland. Bünting covers a large market in Northwest Germany through its various sales entities. In line with the industry shift towards sustainable refrigeration technology, the company has chosen to install CO2OLtec Integral systems in the new famila market, using CO2 for refrigeration as well as for heating and cooling of the store. This solution enables unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, cutting energy costs by 35 percent while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent.

“With a new shop, the management of the building’s energy and the reduction of the operating costs are major items. In terms of sustainability, we strive to find an environmentally sound solution. In this context, we have opted for Carrier’s Integral system which enables new levels of energy efficiency combined with a significant improvement in the store’s carbon emissions,” said Robert Meyer, director, corporate technology, Bünting.

Thanks to the CO2OLtec Integral solution, all the waste heat created during the refrigeration process is collected and redistributed for heating via the CO2OLheat™ module. The system leverages an incorporated heat pump to generate additional heat during the cold months and enables cooling of the supermarket when needed. The complex integration of the refrigeration, heating and ventilation applications is managed by Carrier’s control system that is specifically designed to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

The CO2OLtec Integral solution meets all of the building’s heating and cooling requirements, eliminating the need for traditional heating systems and maintaining an optimal temperature for customers, staff and products all year round.

“I am happy to add famila to Carrier’s long list of customers who have chosen environmentally sound solutions. Carrier is proud to lead European retailers towards more sustainable technologies,” said Matti Kuivalainen, president, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Europe.

Carrier has the right refrigerant solution for every application, but every application will not have the same refrigerant solution. For more information about CO2OLtec, a video is available on Carrier Commercial Refrigeration’s corporate website at

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