Care, the number one brand sold into UK pharmacy  has added another exciting addition to the Care junior products range with the launch of new Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops, designed to reduce lactose content in milk without delaying the feeding process.

Co-Lactase-BabyTransient lactase deficiency

Guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the NHS Choices website both suggest that although the cause or causes of infantile colic are unknown, in some cases transient intolerance to lactose may be responsible.

Lactase is the enzyme usually produced by our bodies to break down lactose into more simple sugars so our bodies can absorb it. The immature digestive system of babies can have trouble breaking down lactose, found in breast milk and formula milk, which can lead to a temporary gut sensitivity.

Penny Lazell, a Qualified Midwife and Independent Health Visitor comments: “Symptoms of transient lactase deficiency are often a very unsettled baby who is fussy and gassy and has obvious abdominal cramps. They will have an intense cry and are usually difficult to settle. They may calm by feeding but this then exacerbates the problem as more lactose is introduced to the gut.”

The World Health Authority recommends that where possible, all babies should be exclusively breast-fed for the first six months of life. The NHS Information Centre’s ‘Infant Feeding Survey’ published in 2012 revealed that 81% of babies in the UK are breastfed at birth  and although some infant formulas already have lactose-free options, for many mothers who choose to breastfeed, that won’t be much help.

What can parents do?

According to NHS Choices, some babies with transient lactase deficiency may benefit from changes to their diet, such as adding drops to breast milk or bottle milk that can aid digestion and release any bubbles of trapped air in baby’s digestive system. Guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) also suggest a one week trial of lactase drops  to make digesting the lactose easier.

Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops, which can be used from birth, are sugar, preservative and flavour free and can be added to breast milk or infant formula prior to feeding. Unlike other preparations, Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops do not interfere with the feeding process so baby can be fed straightaway rather than having to wait 30 minutes.

CoLactase-3D-Pack-&-BottleLeanne Doughty, Care Senior Brand Manager says: “Following the success of Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel and Spray Gel, our latest launch is yet another innovative addition to the tried and trusted family remedies from the Care range. There are other products on the market to counteract transient lactase deficiency but Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops offers the additional benefit of not interfering with the feeding process, something we know is so important to parents.”

“If a baby has transient lactase deficiency, it can be very distressing for both parents and baby and can increase anxiety, adds Penny. “Often eliminating the lactose from the mother’s diet if breastfeeding can resolve the problem and formula fed babies can be given specialist formulas. However, it is often hard for mothers to change their diet and many babies do not tolerate formula feeds. Introducing a lactase enzyme drop with feeds can often resolve the problem without having to change diet, method of feeding or formula.”

How do you use Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops?

• For breast-feeding, a few tablespoons of breast milk should be expressed into a sterilised container and then four drops of Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops are added. This should be given to baby on a sterilised plastic spoon or syringe and then breast-feeding can then continue as normal.

• For use with infant formula, just add four drops to made up formula when warm and then shake before feeding.

• When making formula in advance, 2 drops are added to warm, made up formula. This should be stored in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours and should be used within 12 hours. It should be warmed to usual feeding temperature before use.

care-logo-22Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops (10ml)

RSP: £9.99 for 60 feeds

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