With a stormingly offbeat and thoroughly timely approach to product design and offer, CAPTAIN TIPTOES and the OCCASIONAL SNACK COMPANY has received an outstanding welcome from all sectors of the trade.

Orders for the brand new range of deliberately leftfield designed Captain Tiptoes snacks have been brisk from export orders to Denmark, Finland and the US, to orders from The Eden Project in Cornwall, farm shops, convenience stores and all manner of outlets in all areas of the trade. Captain Tiptoes is clearly very well thought out covering everything from stonking eye-catching design to a good suite of point of sale materials including T shirts and beer mats. Not surprisingly, the product itself delivers on all counts, too. All in all a neat achievement that will sit happily on shelves in all manner of retail and food service settings. It would seem the redoubtable Captain has deftly leap-frogged over many other more established and fledgling brands.

With two sizes of bag geared to impulse buy and pub sales and a larger size ideally suited to retail or sharing occasions the response to Captain Tiptoes has been remarkable; “From the moment we unveiled the brand at IFE we were inundated with visitors to the stand with enquiries from all sectors, from nightclubs to convenience stores, hotels to casinos, farm shops to delis – everyone responded positively to the overall proposition and its attention to detail which seems to match just what the market needs right now,” said Giles Henschel, creator and founder.

Full of fun maybe, but Captain Tiptoes has a serious pedigree. “When everyone else seems to be going down the health and nutrition route in a bid to attract consumers the tone can sometimes be a little preachy and pious. We felt that something a tad leftfield and thoroughly buffoonish to make people smile and relax is just what’s needed in this current climate. The packaging and offering is thoroughly light-hearted but we’re exceedingly serious about what we do. Everything we source and roast inside the packs is selected with extreme care,” said Giles Henschel, founder of Captain Tiptoes and award-winning Dorset food company Olives Et Al who have been at the leading edge of speciality food for over 17 years.

The range of five initial recipes are

• Cajun Spiced Nuts

• Fire Cracker Rice puffs

• Chilli Harissa Nuts

• Salt & Pepper Nuts

• Wasabi Flaming Rice

All come with their own, two word, tag line from the “irresistibly taut” to the “courageously pert” highlighting the assertion that the world of Captain Tiptoes really is a place where seriously splendid snackage meets complete and utter buffoonery.

Captain Tiptoes

Tel: 01258 474300

Email ahoy@captaintiptoes.com

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