For the first time for over 12 years, California Raisins goes on TV during October as part of a new 4 part TV documentary series aimed at consumers wishing to lose weight and follow a healthier lifestyle. California Raisins have been invited to provide expert advice for the ‘HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF!’ television documentary to be broadcast on Sky channel 201 and Freesat 403 at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th October, and repeated at 6pm on Sunday 23rd October 2011. Some 22 million viewers, in over 9 million homes, can directly receive “HOW TO…” TV in the UK! There are no charges, nor is any registration required.

The programmes are accessible regardless of which Sky subscription is taken by the viewer, and are also accessible by those who have terminated their SKY subscriptions, retaining only the “Free to air” channels. The ‘How To Lose weight and keep it off!’ series will be centred around the work of Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs. California Raisins will be providing advice and useful tips on how to lose and maintain weight, as well as tips for a healthier lifestyle. California Raisins will be reporting the benefits of following a healthy, low fat, calorie controlled diet, as well as providing nutritional advice, suggesting healthier alternatives of our favourite foods and explaining food labels.

Peter Meadows, Marketing Director of California Raisins, UK, Europe talks about the benefits of  incorporating California Raisins in daily diets. Neil Forbes, Scottish Chef of the Year and Executive Chef/Director of the renowned Cafe St Honore in Edinburgh, produced a wonderful chicken and watercress salad using California Raisins. A 30 second commercial will also run during the commercial break to the documentary.

For a copy of the recipe used in this programme or any other ideas for some fabulous dishes please visit our website

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