Leading snack manufacturer Calbee UK has teamed up with Nickelodeon to launch new Paw Patrol oven-baked pea snacks. Aimed at families and children, the bold and colourful packaging showcases much-loved characters from the hit programme. The healthier vegetable-based products are currently available in Sainsbury’s and Heron Foods with several listings, including Asda, confirmed for the coming months.

The delicious new pea snaps are available in 6x15g multipacks as well 19g single bags. The multipacks contain two child-friendly flavours, pizza and cheese, while the single bags are available in cheese only. Both pack formats contain all green and amber GDAs, are lower in calories, fat and saturates than standard potato crisps and are vegetarian friendly. The 15g bags have 65 calories per pack, while the larger 19g bags have 82 calories.

The Paw Patrol brand shows no signs of slowing down and continues to be a smash hit among children. Much-loved characters include tech-savvy leader Ryder and pups Skye, Rubble and Chase among others. In addition to television, Paw Patrol has also enjoyed huge success on the big screen as well as YouTube and merchandise.

Jon Wood, commercial director of Calbee UK, said: “We’re delighted to join forces with Nickelodeon to launch our new Paw Patrol oven-baked pea snacks. The TV programme has enjoyed monumental success and we’re thrilled to collaborate with such a huge brand.

“Not only is the product a healthy alternative to traditional crisps and snacks, it specifically targets toddlers, a gap in the category that is not well catered for. The product is lower in fat, salt and sugar in comparison to current offerings for this demographic and is perfect for children of this age. The new range is the ideal bridge from the baby aisle into the snacking aisle and will be available in a portion controlled variety six pack as well as a 19g pack for foodservice outlets, which is slightly more substantial for kids on the go. While the snacks are vegetables based, the cheese and pizza flavours will be hugely appealing for children, not to mention the affiliation with the brand.”

The new Paw Patrol packs are currently available in Sainsbury’s and Heron Foods and will hit shelves in Asda w/c May 4. The product will also be available from Home Bargains, Ocado and Poundland is also confirmed as a national listing. Wholesalers to stock the product in due course are Bidfood, Brakes, Sugro and Unita.


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