Burton’s Biscuit Company is continuing to innovate and invest in its market-leading power brands with the introduction of two new Cadbury Fabulous Fingers flavours (honeycomb and praline) and a £1.2 million marketing drive, including nationwide TV advertising.


Burton’s Biscuit Company’s strategy of investment in innovation, and brand support for its market- leading Power Brands, continues to pay dividends for retailers. In 2012 more than one third*1 of the value growth in the massive UK £2.4 billion biscuit category was driven by strong investment in Cadbury, Maryland, Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels, and NPD.  Burton’s continues to invests more in advertising and innovation as a proportion of its overall market share, than any other company in the category*2.

The Cadbury Sweet Biscuits brand, licensed by Burton’s Biscuit Company, is now worth an impressive £100m*3. Cadbury Fabulous Fingers is the first sub-brand of the £43m Cadbury Fingers brand which is No. 3 in Total Chocolate Biscuits*4, and enjoyed by over one third of UK households*5.

The launch of the two new variants will accelerate growth of the highly successful Cadbury Fabulous Fingers, which since its launch in autumn 2011 has generated annual sales of almost £8 million*6, achieving household penetration of 8.5 per cent*7. This has been achieved without cannibalising overall Cadbury Biscuit sales, making it a great choice for retailers looking to maximise choice and sales.

The TV campaign, which will reach 84% of all housewives with children, launches on April 22 and runs for four weeks. It comprises the 30 second commercial featuring the Cadbury Fingers-style puppets -Caitlin and Madison Fabulous – in a 1980s American-style soap opera, and two new 10 second commercials for the praline and honeycomb variants.

Stuart Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, Burton’s Biscuit Company, said: “The introduction of two new variants and the associated marketing investment will drive awareness and sales of Cadbury Fabulous Fingers – a highly successful sub-brand that has already generated significant incremental sales in the indulgent biscuit sector.

“Honeycomb and praline are both distinctive flavours, broadening the appeal of a product that attracts consumers to the biscuit fixture by providing a totally new treat experience in indulgent snacking.”

In addition to nationwide TV advertising, the £1.2 million support package includes sampling and extensive in-store support.

Cadbury Fabulous Fingers combine a thick outer layer of Cadbury milk chocolate with a smooth inner layer of white chocolate, all wrapped around a crunchy biscuit finger.

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Burton’s Biscuit Company


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