With a firm commitment to sustainability and the environment, Brioche Pasquier are looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging for their brioche products.

A trial of cardboard packaging for the company’s range of PITCH Chocolate filled brioche snacks is currently underway in over 700 branches of Tesco Express. The trial features packs of four PITCH which usually come individually wrapped inside a plastic bag.

The new cardboard box replaces the plastic bag and as well as providing recyclable packaging, has additional benefits for consumers and retailers. Being square, the boxes are very easy to stack, optimising space use in pallets and on shelves. The products are now clearly visible through a window in the box, allowing for easy product identification, and so are more engaging for the consumer. And the boxes are easy to flatten and recycle, or use for other purposes such as children’s games or storage.

We are very hopeful that this trial will receive a really positive response,” says Brioche Pasquier Retail Sales Manager Charlotte Hulbert. “We are determined to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our packaging in order to improve the sustainability of our products. All the cardboard we use throughout the company, including in this trial, is sustainably sourced and recyclable, and the trial is for 88,000 packets of PITCH Chocolate filled. That’s a lot of plastic saved and a lot of cardboard that can be recycled.”

The trial of cardboard boxes is just one way that Brioche Pasquier is looking at reducing its’ use of plastic. Another initiative has been to remove plastic ties on the larger size six PITCH  packs. In this case, ties have been replaced with a heat-sealing method, allowing for use of a significantly smaller bag. This small adjustment which is currently being introduced will result in an astonishing saving of 68 tonnes of plastic.

“We hope eventually to be able to convert all our plastic packaging to cardboard boxes or to other sustainable alternatives,” explains Charlotte. “We are in the process of exploring a wide number of ways for improving our carbon footprint, and this is an ongoing priority for us as a leading bakery company.”

In order to measure the popularity and efficiency of the new boxes, Brioche Pasquier are asking retail customers and consumers to take part in a short online survey to gauge the success of the trial. Each box carries a QR code and the company’s website address, so that customers can log on and be part of Brioche Pasquier’s drive for sustainable change.

This latest green initiative ties in with Brioche Pasquier’s commitment to producing natural, wholesome products, baked from whole fresh ingredients like fresh eggs and butter and free of preservatives, artificial flavours or hydrogenated fats.

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