Chilled soup brand New Covent Garden has teamed up with its sister company, luxury pudding maker Farmhouse Fare, to offer consumers the chance to win a farm worth £500,000 in the first ever on-pack promotion to be run by either brand.

“This competition is simply unique, and we expect it to attract huge numbers of new consumers to both brands,” says Daniels Group Marketing Director Nigel Parrott. “As consumers’ lives get increasingly busy, the idea of living “the good life” is becoming more and more appealing.

“A competition which offers them the chance to escape to the country, changing their lives entirely in an instant, is guaranteed to generate great excitement. The promotion will run for eight weeks across selected New Covent Garden and Farmhouse Fare packs.”

To enter, consumers simply enter a code found on-pack at a dedicated website, The special packs will be available from early November, with the competition closing on January 31st 2012.

The promotion will appear on New Covent Garden soup packs in the Classics, Seasonal Editions and Soups of the World ranges, and on Farmhouse Fare 500g Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding and Luxury Sticky Chocolate Pudding packs.

It will also appear on New Covent Garden’s November Soup of the Month: Rich and Rootiful, a satisfying vegetable, lentil and pearl barley variant.

“The eye-catching Win a Farm packaging comes complete with a cow, sheep and rural farmhouse, and will create real stand-out on shelf,” says Parrott. “It instantly gives consumers an image of the new lifestyle they could have if they were to win the prize, and we are confident of a significant sales uplift.”

The promotion will also be referenced in New Covent Garden’s biggest ever national TV advertising campaign. The £2.5 million campaign will run throughout November.

New Covent Garden continues to dominate the UK’s £163.9 million chilled soup market with a £58.8m share value – five times more than the combined share of all other branded soups*.

Farmhouse Fare, winner of more than 50 pudding awards in the last five years, has sold more than 1.8 million Luxury Sticky Toffee Puddings over the past three years, generating £4.6 million of sales**.

In addition to being able to win half a million pounds, there’s also a pair of Joules wellies for each of the 50 lucky runners-up.

* Nielsen Scantrack 3rd Sept 11

** Nielsen Scantrack Total Coverage 3rd Sept 11

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