Greenlight Quality Control from Muddy Boots is fast becoming the industry standard in quality assurance software. This cloudbased software is used by suppliers and retailers all over the world to transform the way in which they manage their product quality.

Despite Greenlight Quality Control’s popularity in the industry, there is a misconception that the software is primarily aimed at retailers and therefore comes at a premium price. Muddy Boots’ Head of Commercial, Jack Evans, explains that this is not the case.

“Greenlight Quality Control varies in its complexity, and can be scaled up or down to suit a customer’s specific requirements. Suppliers, for example, are able to choose one of three specific packages tailored to meet the capacity and capability requirements of their business and to scale the functionality up as their business grows and matures.

The software also allows customers to move from a process of conventional ‘quality control’, to a more holistic approach of ‘quality assurance’. This means that businesses using Greenlight Quality Control are able to shift the focus from just ‘policing’ the product, to actually assuring its quality.

“Using Greenlight Quality Control allows companies to equip their operational workforce with the ability to easily measure and communicate the product’s performance status so that staff within the quality department have immediate visibility of performance data. It’s this that drives the focus on quality and assurance.” Jack explains.

As a result of using the software and working in this way, skilled technical resource is able to add value to the customer beyond just performance based on quality and price. And, because the product’s quality is assured and the cost associated with keeping it that way is significantly reduced, businesses using Greenlight Quality Control not only improve their offer to the customer, but also create the opportunity to enhance that relationship.

“We’re finding that our customers are now able to spend more time on NPD and innovation, beyond that of their competitors,” says Evans. “Over time this naturally manifests in overall business growth.

Companies in the food sector are now realising the importance of putting quality on a pedestal, because it’s becoming apparent that providing a consistently reliable quality offer has the power to unlock significant business growth opportunities in the long term.”

Evans concludes by saying that Muddy Boots, in its’ 20 year existence, has always built services that empower the user, “it’s an ethos that runs across all of our products and is why we equip our customers with tools that take them from people who just do their job to those that are masters of it, a by-product that adds significant value to their operations.

“The ability to share responsibility and become more efficient and strategic with resourcing are traits that companies naturally adopt thanks to the implementation of our systems and with this in mind, it’s clear to see how solutions from Muddy Boots have played an important role in helping companies achieve significant growth.”


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