Company says new product launch is its most significant in a decade. 

Booja-Booja, the Norfolk-based vegan chocolate truffle and ice cream producer, has launched four new truffle flavours and five new packs, in what the company is calling its “most significant and exciting launch in a decade”.

The new truffles flavours are: Chocolate Orange, Deeply Chocolate, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Honeycomb Caramel. Each of the flavours has its own new 92g eight truffle pack (RRP £4.99), a format which has proved hugely successful for the company already.

All four new varieties also appear in a new 184g pack of sixteen truffles (four of each) called The Signature Collection. This sixteen-truffle gift box format (RRP £9.99) has previously been a big hit for the company: with its Award Winning Selection rapidly becoming Booja-Booja’s biggest hit when it launched in 2019.

Booja-Booja, which has been making vegan and organic chocolate truffles in Norfolk since 1999, has won numerous awards for taste and quality, and the company is confident that the new flavours will take the brand to a new level of popularity.

Managing Director Matt Gilding explained:

“We’re even more excited about this launch than any other of recent years. Each one of the new flavours is a classic adventure: our unique take on a really popular chocolate variety.

“Fans have been asking us for a Chocolate Orange truffle for a long time. It’s an absolutely classic flavour, but with our own special twist of including juicy pieces of tangy mandarin.

“Similarly, with our new Deeply Chocolate truffle, we have created a creamy flavour and silky smooth texture that adds up to the absolutely definitive chocolate truffle: and completely dairy free of course. Everyone who has tasted it just loves it and we are confident it’s going to be a huge hit.”

The new Chocolate Salted Caramel truffle is sure to find fans too, given that the company’s Almond Salted Caramel is one of their best-sellers already.

The fourth new truffle is a new ‘ambient’ version of Honeycomb Caramel. Honeycomb isn’t an entirely new flavour for the company, but the previous version of this variety was only available as a chilled truffle. Now Booja-Booja say they have spent months refining the recipe and process to create a honeycomb that maintains its crunch and flavour at ambient temperatures.

All four of the new truffles appear together in a beautiful purple 16 truffle box called The Signature Collection. The signature on the box is that of Mister Booja-Booja, the legendary and enigmatic figure at the heart of the company’s brand story.

The four new eight truffle packs and The Signature Collection will be widely available through Booja-Booja’s network of more than two thousand retailers, including independent stores across the UK as well as supermarkets and online stores.

Recognised as one of the leading vegan and free-from confectionery brands in the UK, Booja-Booja has won more than 140 awards for its chocolate truffles and vegan ice creams.  All Booja-Booja products are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soya free and organic.

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