Bloo, one of the UK’s leading brands in toilet care, is getting ready for the world’s biggest football tournament this summer with the launch of a new Bloo Limited Edition Football Blast.

Bloo_football_1Bloo has designed an innovative football-shaped, cage free, toilet freshener rim to help the men at home score top points this summer with the women and support the predicted football fever around the World Cup.

The unique football-shaped rims dispense thick, fresh foam into every flush and feature a hygienic cage-less toilet block giving you that just-cleaned look every day.

The Odour Neutraliser properties of the limited edition Bloo provide a fresh long-lasting fragrance. The toilet will not only stay sparkly clean, lasting up to 4 weeks, but will also help prevent limescale.

Amanda Orchard, marketing manager at Bloo, comments: “The Bloo Football Blast is simple to use and will provide a reassuring, long-lasting clean loo. “The new, innovative product will give the market and the consumer a novel, fun, cage free rim to support the World Cup.”

The Bloo range offers maximum freshness for your toilet in an unbeatable range of formats, colours and fragrances.

For over 30 years, people have relied on Bloo to keep the toilet clean, fresh and fragrant between its regular cleans.

Amanda continues: “Bloo continues to innovate and drive the toilet care category with products specifically designed to “clean with every flush”. These are complemented with angle-neck liquids to clean under the rim and toilet wipes for top-up cleans.”

Today, the classic Bloo Acticlean™ in cistern blocks are still performing day in, day out – alongside handy innovations like Bloo Easy Load and Bloo Flower Rims.

The Bloo Football Blast is now available from Asda priced RRP: £1.49.

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