Bleep eebag launches to the retail industry after being officially unveiled at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2014, designed to reduce stores plastic bag consumption by 40%.


Bleep UK PLC has announced the launch of Bleep eebag, an innovative plastic bag dispenser developed to integrate into retail checkouts and reduce retailers’ plastic bag consumption by controlling and limiting the release of bags.

eebag is new to the UK, with over 6,000 points in operation across the globe, and designed with the plastic bag levy in mind, where a charge will be incurred for using plastic bags in every UK supermarket and large stores. It is a tried and tested tool for drastically reducing packaging costs and environmental impact, whilst improving customer experiences at the checkout.

The eebag unit consists of a robustly encased cartridge of plastic bags and built-in processor. eebag can analyse customer purchases to reduce bag over-consumption by adjusting feed-rate and volume according to the particular retailer’s strategy. The eebag dispenser is conveniently located for the customer at the checkout. Like a box of tissues, the next plastic bag bursts out when the customer takes the current bag, and each new bag partially opens, ready for use.

With eebag, bags can be dispensed in two primary ways; by free flow, which releases a bag and debits the customer bill automatically. Alternatively bags are dispensed by limited flow, which determines according to the purchase volume and weight the required number of bags and releases this number only. An added eebag security feature prevents bags from being dispensed once a clerk logs off. Each unit can also operate as a bag vending machine at unmanned self-service points.

Benefits include effective cost savings derived from a 40% reduction in bag usage* and packaging logistics, time saved at the point of sale as bags are partially opened on release allowing for quick and efficient packaging and an enhanced customer experience.

John Wellman, Chairman of Bleep UK PLC said, “This is an exciting product, new to the UK and designed with the 2015 plastic bag levy in mind, to reduce retailer plastic bag consumption, reduce costs, and enhance their customer experience.” After its launch at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Bleep eebag is now available through either rental or purchase options and can be integrated into any point of sale, whether new or existing. The eebag units can be fully customised to retailers’ brand livery and the individual establishment or checkout fabrication and design.

Lee Landau, Bleep eebag Divisional Director said “I am excited to see our customers realise the win-win of immediately measureable cost and plastic bag resource reduction, enhancing the shopper experience and shrinking the harmful environmental impact of disposable plastic so dramatically whilst making the economics work for all stakeholders in a controlled and compliant way. With so many obvious benefits and the spread of bag levies, we are passionate about delivering such a competent and positive solution.”

Bleep UK PLC is an award winning supplier, designer and manufacturer of innovative, flexible and reliable EPOS solutions and touch screen till systems. They cater for the retail, hospitality, sport and educational sectors throughout the UK and across the globe.

*Conservative estimate for EU based on in-store usage in a sample of supermarkets demonstrating up to 55% reduction in bag consumption.  Details available from Bleep UK PLC upon request.

Bleep UK PLC

Ross Weszka, Marketing Manager

Tel: 020 8961 5200


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