• Birds Eye is launching the ultimate range of takeaway style chicken to cater for the in-home sharing occasion
  • Chicken Shop will be available from November and includes four varieties: Buttermilk Strips, Hot & Fiery Chunks, Maple & BBQ Wings and Southern Fried Wings (MSRP £4)
  • The launch will be supported with a £3.5m investment, spanning: TV advertising, digital, social, in-store activations and PR

Markos Papavlasopoulos, Senior Brand Manager for Birds Eye Chicken, states: “Chicken is incredibly popular at the moment because it’s tasty and versatile. We’re also seeing an increasing trend towards the informal eating occasion – ‘movie nights in with friends and family’ is a prime example. These occasions lend themselves to foods that are great for sharing, easy to prepare and you can eat quite happily with your hands.

“We see a great opportunity with the launch of our new Birds Eye Chicken Shop range, which will be hitting shelves from early November. The succulent chicken pieces are combined with seriously delicious coatings and marinades, delivering the same great taste and experience of a takeaway. The Birds Eye Chicken Shop range can be conveniently stored in the home freezer and cooked in just 25 minutes.”

Birds Eye Chicken Shop is available in four delicious sharing boxes, each carrying an MSRP of £4:

Buttermilk Strips (350g and 8 pieces)

Hot and Fiery Chunks (450g and 12 pieces)

Maple and BBQ Wings (500g and 12 pieces)

Southern Fried Wings (500g and 10 pieces)

Frozen chicken is doing exceptionally well at the moment, worth a sizeable £440m[1] and up in value and volume (+9.3% and +4.7% MAT respectively[2]). Frozen bone in chicken (e.g. wings) is growing rapidly at +25%, alongside chicken strips at +29%[3].

“Whilst frozen chicken penetration has reached its highest point in the last three years (66.8%[4]), there is a still a lot to go after,” Papavlasopoulos continues. “The two biggest penetration barriers for frozen chicken are low quality perceptions and a lack of relevant propositions for consumers. Our new range is perfect to address these tensions and add value into frozen chicken.”

The Birds Eye Chicken Shop range has tested remarkably well with consumers and really excels around quality and taste. The distinctive packaging encourages people to use the product in the popular social sharing occasion.

To drive awareness of Birds Eye’s move into this new occasion, the brand will be rolling out a significant £3.5m investment, spanning: TV advertising, digital, social, in-store activations and PR. We’ll have more details to share on the campaign specifics in due course.

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