deliciousHard work and boundless energy has given a Staffordshire-based contract catering company a great start and with the help of Bibby Consulting & Support, entrepreneur Dominic Bowers is taking the successful business on to the next level.

Having secured a prestigious ten-year deal to provide catering services for visitors to Trentham Gardens, one of Staffordshire’s leading tourist attractions, Dominic realised that his business, Delicious, would need to employ extra staff to cope with demand. He explained that expansion was the only option for the firm if it was to maintain its high standards to existing clients while meeting the new demands created by such a high profile contract.

“We have always wanted to be quality driven business, seen as a solid, reliable supplier providing exceptional service,” said Dominic. “To achieve this we need to be able to attract the best staff. We found that we had built a workforce almost overnight, however we didn’t have any proper employment contracts in place.”

_mg_6567Dominic was not just concerned about employment contracts, he was unsure on a number of other legal compliance issues, including health and safety. Fortunately a business associate suggested that Dominic talked to Bibby Consulting & Support, a leading provider of regulatory support in areas such as employment law, health and safety and environmental issues.

“Trentham Gardens is a venue which is synonymous with quality, and we want Delicious to be quality driven,” Dominic said. “However, we’re just as keen to be regarded as a good employer – that’s the only way a business like Delicious can attract the calibre of personnel we need to ensure our growth continues.”

The priority for Bibby Consulting & Support was to completely cover any issues around employment law and health and safety compliance. The company wanted to ensure that it had rigorous health and safety management systems in place which would cover issues such as workplace accidents. Within a week, Bibby Consulting & Support’s expert consultants delivered health and safety policy documentation, administration, risk assessment advice and a ‘company manual’.

Dominic explained: “The Health and Safety Manual itself would have taken us a year to put together! Bibby Consulting & Support also provided us with a 24/7 helpline. It is really reassuring to know that in the event of an issue, day or night, we can call on an expert we trust if we need one.”

When companies outsource to compliance experts like Bibby Consulting & Support they are buying into business excellence. Smaller businesses in particular lack the time and knowledge to be an expert in the various areas of compliance.

_mg_6552Michael Slade, Managing Director of Bibby Consulting & Support explained: “Delicious found themselves faced with a problem. They had employed a workforce almost overnight, but hadn’t had time to put in place a decent Contract of Employment. Our HR consultant worked quickly with Dominic to put in place rigorous processes and policies to ensure that Delicious meets all regulatory and compliance standards and ensure that they were ‘fit for business.’”

Dominic’s aim is for Delicious to be ‘lean and mean’ in management terms and his relationship with Bibby Consulting & Support will help that vision to be fulfilled. “We see them as a true business partner,” he said. “And we can see no reason why we would ever employ our own specialist to do the work that we can procure far more cost-effectively from Bibby Consulting & Support. That’s why we’ve committed to a three-year contract with them.”

Compliance with employment and health and safety law is the personal responsibility of the employer and yet it is a specialist area with a wide scope which is constantly being updated as legislation changes. The reality is that smaller companies lack the resources to employ a specialist team of HR and Health and Safety managers, and this means that the responsibility ultimately falls on the Managing Director.

Bibby Consulting & Support’s approach is to work as a strategic partner with its clients, essentially taking responsibility for the hassle and worry of compliance which allows the MD to get on with running a successful business.  Dominic added: “Without Bibby Consulting & Support I’d be virtually desk-bound and at this point in the company’s development it’s imperative that I’m out and about winning new business. When I think about the cost of employing my own HR and Health and Safety team, £8 a day pales into insignificance.”

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