Supermarket’s first Avocado Wrap and highest protein wrap to hit the shelves

In 2020 sales of free-from foods in the UK[1]  increased by 20%, signaling a continuation in the trend for free from diets as consumers look to make more informed dietary decisions. Based on research conducted by BFree – the innovative gluten and wheat free baked goods brand, consumers are choosing free-from foods for a variety of reasons including health (53%) and taste (26%). Shoppers are seeking products in the sector that focus on taste, freshness, quality, and made with natural ingredients and BFree is in place to meet this demand.

The Irish food brand has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to giving consumers, delicious and nutritious free- from options, from the initial launch of its Sweet Potato Wraps to now launching two new flavour additions to its popular wrap range – BFree Avocado Wraps and BFree High Protein Wraps, both available in Sainsburys, with the High Protein also in Morrisons and the Avocado in Tesco. RRP £3.00 (4 Pack).

With 10 years’ experience in creating award-winning free-from bakery goods, BFree continues to think outside the box and provide products that are free from the ingredients you don’t want and made with the ones you do. BFree’s Avocado Wraps are the only free from Avocado Wrap on the market, super soft, only 107 calories, and made from a blend of avocado, chickpea flour, rice and pea proteins. BFree’s new High Protein Wraps have been created using a blend of chickpea flour, rice, and pea proteins to create a delicious wrap with only 4g of carbs and 12g of protein per wrap. With 71% more protein than its closest competitor, the High Protein Wrap is ideal for those looking to up their protein intake.

The BFree offering is centered on bringing innovation to the free from category through premium wraps with added health benefits and are the only Free From brand free from all major allergens.

The long shelf life products (90 days) have been packed protectively to retain the fresh flavours and softness desired by consumers who should never have to compromise on taste and ingredients when eating a gluten free diet. BFree’s consumer research found that 8 in 10 consumers would pay more for a product that had an additional claim – having premium quality ingredients is the claim that most consumers would pay more for.

Jessica Powell, BFree Global Communications Manager comments “At BFree, we are dedicated to innovating tasty and healthy food products that are free from the ingredients you don’t want and made with the ones you do. Through sourcing high quality ingredients and paying close attention to consumer feedback, we have been able to create two new flavour profiles for our wrap range which are not only of high nutritional value, but taste great too.

The Avocado Wrap and the High Protein Wrap further strengthen our offering within the free from food sector and broaden consumer choice. Our regular customer research studies show that taste, freshness and quality always come out on top which is why BFree strives to create foods that are tasty and fresh by continually challenging the norm, challenging the process and challenging the ingredients in free from food.”

To find out more about BFree and its full range of products, and for some delicious tasty recipes, visit Join the conversation with BFree online via its blog, and Instagram.



[1] Mintel Free-from Foods, UK, Executive Summary, February 2020

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