Just how well an integrated solution using high-performance components can increase the quality and efficiency of the packing process is shown by the following example at ak tronic. The computer and video games wholesaler ships about 1,500 parcels per day. In order to cover this level of demand, the packaging consultants at Storopack installed two PAPERplus® Chevron series systems. The automatically produced paper cushions reach eight workplaces via a narrow conveyor belt. Prior to the installation of PAPERplus® Chevron the company needed sixteen workstations, each with its own individual set of equipment. In addition, the new configuration has improved working conditions – paper cushions are already divided into individual sections, a replenishment supply is always available, and the level of noise has been considerably reduced. The special Chevron “creasing” technique used also reduces paper consumption.

ak tronic is the number one supplier of computer games and video game consoles in the German market and is represented by most large retail dealers. The idea is also very attractive, of course, to commercial partners: they provide the sales area in which a specially designed display for this product sector can be set up. The “software pyramid” presents the range as a recognisable shop brand. Care of the product line and reliable supply of replacement stocks is taken over by ak tronic.

Each sale triggers a repeat order. Packers fill any remaining cavities next to and/or above the DVDs and CDs with the paper cushions in the ready assembled and packaged shipments. Preference is given to PAPERplus® Chevron at ak tronic because of the efficient use of material. The equipment processes a paper tube using a patented pleating technology. The result is packaging material which can fill a large volume with very little paper. The length of the cushion sections can be adjusted. The control of manufacturing and the conveyor belt functions via photoelectric cells. The device can produce up to 20 m of packaging material per minute.

The installation utilises Storopack’s “Working Comfort” concept. Accordingly, packaging consultants first observe the entire packaging process in its inter-logistic surroundings. Then they prepare a solution, which is both cost-efficient and ergonomically favourable at the same time, as this increases the quality of the processes and their respective productivity. This was also the experience of those responsible at ak tronic: “We actually wanted the same thing from Storopack as we offer our customers – the choice of a product based on technical know-how, which produces the best results to meet our needs. This is exactly what we got. It is a smart solution, which could only have been devised by someone who sees all the relevant factors and is able to evaluate them correctly”, reported Dirk Look, Departmental Logistics Manager at ak tronic.

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